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Everyday Science Mcqs CSS Test Preparation

Everyday Science MCQS Material 1. When the resultant of all the forces acting on a body is zero the body is said to be in a state of Equilibrium. 2. Gamma Rays are similar to X-Rays. 3. The Separation of ordinary light into its constituent colours is known as Dispersion. 4. If a body weighs 600 kg on the surface of the earth then the weight of the same body on the surface of moon will be 1/6th i.e. 100kg. 5. When a bullet penetrates into a target, the kinetic energy of a bullet is converted into Mechanical Energy. 6. The process of digestion begins in Mouth. 7. Sometimes when white blood corpuscles greatly increase in number, they cause a disease called Leukaemia. 8. The principle of wireless telegraphy was discovered by Signor Marconi. 9. The planet nearest to sun is Mercury. 10. Pressure cooker works on the principle that the boiling point of a liquid increases with the increase of pressure. 11. Copper is the best conductor of electricity. 12. Blood cells are manufactured by bone ma