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XI Chemistry Chapter 02 Solid Liquid Gas Solved Numerical, Question Answer & Exercise

 CHAPTER #2   SOLID, GAS, LIQUID    Any thing which occupies space or has mass is called MATTER. Each and every moment, we come in  contact with matter, e.g. air, water, food.   CLASSIFICATION  Matter can be classified on the basis of pure and impure substances.   MATTER  PURE SUBSTANCES IMPURE SUBSTANCES (MIXTURE)   COMPOUND ELEMENTS HOMOGENOUS HETROGENOUS  MIXTURE MIXTURE    METALS NON-METALS   PURE SUBSTANCES  Pure substances are those substances which have same properties throughout their bulk, e.g. salt, sugar, and  gold. They are further divided into compound and element.   Compounds  A compound is a pure substance. Its composition is fixed. Elements forming compound loose their original  properties.    Δ   CaCO3 CaO + CO2 (g)   Heat    2H2 + O 2H2O   Elements  An element is a substance in which the atoms are chemically identical having same atomic numbers.   Iron = 26    Copper = 29   Elements can be divided into metals and non metals.   MIXTURE  It is an impure substance. Its c