1st year accounting General Journal Test 02

XI Accounting General Journal Test 02

Muzammil collegiate
LA54 block 15 gulshan e Mustafa Karachi
1st year accounting test by tariq aziz
General Journal Test 01

Cash invested in the business by the owner Rs.50,000.
Purchased supplies for cash Rs.1,000.
Purchased equipment on account Rs.15,000.
Bought equipment at a cost of Rs.11,400 paid cash.
Mr. Ali started business with cash investment of Rs.100,000
Purchased furniture for cash Rs.12,000
Purchased equipment on account Rs.20,000
Sold merchandise for cash Rs.18,000
Deposited cash into bank Rs.5,000
Salaries paid to the employees Rs.8,000 by cheque.
He acquired a shop by paying Rs.36,000 as advance rent for a year.
Purchased furniture for shop Rs.64,000.
Purchased merchandise for cash Rs.200,000
Sold merchandise for cash Rs.200,000
Purchased merchandise on account from Mr. Zaid Rs.150,000
Paid salaries Rs.10,000
Paid office salaries Rs.3,000
he bought Rs.6,000/- supplies for the shop
he paid Rs.5,000/- rent for the month of the March for the shop
receipt from services rendered to various clients Rs.8,250/
payment of salaries to the office assistant Rs.3,600
receipt from services rendered during two weeks’ period ended
March 31, amounted to Rs.9,300/-.
Opened current account with the bank with Rs.10,000
Opened a bank account with cash Rs.10,000.
Cash sales Rs.10,000 of which 40% of the amount deposited into bank.
Paid shop rent in advance for ten months Rs.60,000
Paid for advertising Rs.17,000
Sold goods for cash Rs.100,000
Cash sales for the day Rs.6,00
Purchased merchandise on credit Rs.40,000 and paid cartage on it Rs.2,000 cash
Merchandise purchased for cash Rs.6,000
Paid Rs.2,000 to the City Government for trade taxed

Receive cash in advance for Rent rs 2000