2nd Year English Solved Paper 2019 Karachi Board

2nd year English solved paper 2019 Karachi Board
Past Papers 2019 Karachi Board 12th Class English Past Papers
Muzammil Collegiate
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 Section B (short question  answers)
XII English Solved Paper 2019 www.biek.pk

Sub-section l (Intermediate English Book lll)

1- why was the man in twenty minutes with mrs oakentubb going to stainthrope ?
Mrs oakentubb arrives by train at a country railway station it is very cold or raining haevily so from here ,she is going to catch a train ,she is going to stainthrope in twenty minutes .she takes off her gloves and spreads her hands to the fire , a man come in ,he too is going to stainthrope by the same train as mrs .oakentubb.to take the revenge of his wife and daughter who was murdering in an accident.

2 -in what circumstances had mr jones taken the silver box from mr.barthwicks house?
Jack barthwick was trying to find the keyhole on the wrong side of the door.james helped jack in unlocking the door of his house .as jack and nothing to give him so he invited him to have a drink .james entered the house with jack .he drank whisky excessively and under the influence of whisky he stole a silver cigeratte box.

3- what initial problems were faced by pakistan in its early years as mentioned by liaquat ali khan in his speech?
The muslim independent in pakistan had no regular official machinery armed forces,commerce and industry.They had to build every institution from the start .To start from scratch signifies to start from the beginning without any help or advatages.

4-what suggestion does the author give to asian countries to refrain from copying the mistakes of the west?
The author hopes that asian country’s will not devote their scientific energies to war , Further he desires asia to retain its own traditional civilization .the author hopes that Asia will not copy the mistakes of the west they should learn a lesson from the wast.

            SUB-SECTION ll (selection from English verse part-ll)

-5 According to john keats, what can things of beauty do or us?

This poem is written by john keates edmoin was the brain sick .the poet says that a thing of beauty is a constant source of joy .The world is full of beautiful objects of nature such as the moon ,the sun ,shady trees and the beautiful flowers give us pleasure,and a thing of beauty is a permanent source of joy and happiness.

6- ‘’The earth is sober inn --- and quiet pilgrimage’’explain the given lines of the poem The man of life upright.

In this poem the poet describes the qualities of an honest and honorable man . he is very simple ,honest,god-fearing and brave.An honest and honorable man is not afraid of any thing except god.he is not a coward .he has faith in god .he knows that his stay in this world is quiet temporary.he lives a very simple and peaceful life.

7- what is the theme of ‘’Music When Soft Voices Die’’?

Shelly gives the example of the music violets flowers and rose.that the sweet flowers remain in out mind and refresh us or the song has ended which keeps in memory .he gave the message to his beloved that he will sleep or keep in his memory even after her that ,he will love her forever.

8-why does alexander pop consider it a blessing that we are kept blind from our future?
In this poem alexender pop tells about the book of the fate .he says that god hides from all creatures the book of the fate .human being know only about their present and the past .the poet says that nothing is parmenent in this world all small and big things are mostal sometimes small birds dies and some times great hero dies.

9-what do the words exists and entrances mean in the seven ages of man?
First stage (infant)
At first he performs the role of an infant .in this part he weeps and vomits in the arms of her nurse.
Seven stage (child again /petiable part)
In the seven stage he is again like a child .that is the end of his active life. He losses his memory ,he is without teeth.in short he is worthless man.

Sub-section lll (the prisoner of zenda)
10-Why was duck michael not eligible for the crown of ruritania?
Black michael was the half brother of the king rodulf elbherg .he was not legal heir to the throne beacause he was the son of previous kings second and morganatic.he was the owner of the castle of zenda and the surrouding estate,because of the kings half brother.he was not eligible for the crown of ruritania.

11-state what makes rassendyll a more efficient king that elberg?
Rodulf rassendyll different qualities of leadership .he is well organizer and planner .he does not shirk in the dangers in the hour of difficulty.in this role as the king rodulf rassendyle is far more impressive than the real king rudolf elphberg .he carries out his duties as the king majestically and tactfully without revealing his true identity. The people of ruritania love him and more cares to find out he is the real king or not .with in a few days ,he makes for himself a place in their hearts this makes rassendyll a more efficient king than elphberg.

12-How did madam de mauban become the cause for black michaels murder?
Rupert killed his own master because he did not agree with his plan of killing the king.rupert was working for black michael because he was scared of him .he was not michael ,another reason for killing the king because he was only using madam de mauban and was not sincere with her wherese himself fascinated madam de mauban.

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Sub-section lV (Grammer)
13-use any three of the following phrasal verbs in sentences;
Turn on ,put on,get through ,set up look for ,call off, give up

  Phrasal verbs 
Turn on 
I turned the water on the shower.
Put out 
Remember to put the cat out before you go to bed.
Get through
He gets through at least rs 5000/ every weekend.
Set up
They went to set up their own import ,export business.
Look for
She is looking for her shes in the cupboard.
Call off
Rescures had to call off the search due to worsening weather.
Give up
She gave up hope of ever marrying.

14~make any five of the following words of column A with the meanings in column B;

  COLUMN A              
Persuasive flaute
Persuasive flaute
Narrow in dedness

narrow in dedness

15~use any three of the following pairs of words in your own sentences.

Pair words

The rear part of this building is excellent.
You will find it rare in the world of construction.
I have received a letter from my friend in england.i will sent him a reply later.
Study ,steady
The study requires peacefulness in mind .The study requires peacefulness in mind .
Piece, peace
Through it is a little piece of work .I hope it will financial in establishing peace.
Male ,mail 
All mail candidates have been informed .they will send the answer through mail service after one week.
Flaw ,flow 
I think their is a flow in the supply . you may see the  flow of water through this point.

Section C in Pictures

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