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English 2nd year test paper

Section B: (Short Answer Questions) Answer any 10 questions from this Section. All questions carry equal marks. 1. Why is Black Michael not regarded as a suitable person to be the king of Rurutania? 2. What force does Einstein blame for the persistent of war? 3. "Heavier does not always make the right men king". Whose comment is this and what does it means? 4. I went into town and said to police man. "Will you tell me the way to Dolran may", the smiled and said.? 5. Why does the author make the poeter a humorous character.? 6. What is the upright man's view about worldly life? What are the characteristics of an uprigh man? 7. What were the reasons given by Liaquat Ali Khan for the Muslim's desire not to continue living in united India? 8. What lesson do we learn from the lesson The Devoted Friend? 9. Why do the europeans learn the centuries after the tau of the roman empires as "The Buck Ages"? 10. Fate and fortune are important in human life. Com

Commercial Geography guess paper and Important short Questions and answers

Shamim collegiate By TARIQ AZIZ 1. What is meant by commercial Activities name different types of primary activities? 2. Explain the subsistence forming / shifting cultivation? 3. Name the main exporting and importing countries if rice in the world? 4. What physical and Economics factors required for the cultivation of tea and rice? 5. Name the three types of information Media and also explain the importance of information Media? 6. Name the by- product of mineral oil and also write down the countries of OPEC? 7. Give an account of the cotton textile centers in Asia? 8. Name the rubber producing countries of the world? 9. Name the iron and steel Exporting countries? 10. Define Economic activities? 11. Highlight famous fishing grounds of the world? 12. Describe briefly main sugar and producing countries of the world? 13. Explain Panama and Suez Canal? 14. Describe the growth of population and its distribution in the world and also describe international Migration of population? 15. Nam

Economics Guess Paper Commerce

Class 1st Year Principles Of Economics Guess Paper Commerce Important Questions: 2016 IMPORTANT QUESTION Section B: (Short Answer Questions) MICRO ECONOMICS Important Short Questions from Micro Economics: 1.                              Differentiate between Demand and Desire? 2.                              Differentiate between Change un demand and Change in Quantity demand? 3.                              What is mean by individual demand? Explain with the help of shedule and diagram? 4.                              What is mean by Market supply? Explain with the help of shedule and diagram? 5.                              Define price elasticity of demand. State the methods of measuring Elasticity of demand? 6.                              State the law of Demand and also elucidate the assumptions of the law? 7.                              Evaluate the relationship between Total and Marginal Utility? 8.                              Dis


General Journal: Given: 1. Muhammad Umar started business with a cash investment of Rs. 500,000/ and equipment Rs. 100,000/. 2. Cash deposit into bank for business account Rs. 100,000/. 3. Purchased merchandise on cash Rs. 75,000. 4. Cash sales Rs. 50,000/. 5. Withdrew cash from bank for personal use Rs. 15,000/. 6. Paid Salaries to the employess by cheque Rs. 6,000/. 7. Recieved rent of the building in advance of Rs. 10,000 cash. Cash Book: Given: hammad a sole trader uses Three column cash book. on Ugust 1, 2011, he had cash in hand Rs. 50,000/- and cash in bank Rs. 72,000/-. During the month of August 2011 he completed the followin gtransactions. Aug 01: Purchased Merchandise for Rs.7,300/- and issued a cheque for the amount. Aug 0: Cash sales and deposit into Bank Rs. 8,000. Aug 10: Recievd a cheque for Rs. 7,900/- from Moin in full settlement of his account of Rs. 8,000/- and deposit the cheque in Bank. Aug 18: Withdrew cah for personal use Rs. 4,000/-   A ug 20: Issued cheq