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2020 Statistics Test for 2nd Year Commerce Group A

Statistics Test for 2nd Year Commerce Group Ø How many permutations can be made from the letter of a word LONDON? Ø In how many ways a committee of 4 people be formed from 9 people? Ø In how many ways can an instructor select five students for a group project out of a class 12 ? Ø How many three digit numbers can be formed from the digits 2,3,5,7 and 10 when the digits can be repeated. Ø For the data given below: Commodity Quantity 2007 Quantity 2008 Price 2007 Price 2008 A 8 12.00 14.50 20.25 B 20 4.75 4.80 5.20 C 15 8.50 9.25 10.00 D 7 10.00 15.60 19.75 Compute Idex Of Laspeyre’s , paasche and fisher Ø   The following distribution gives the number of defective pieces in 100 homogeneous samples of a certain kind of bolt: No.of Defec

XI English Poem 12 Important Questions And Answers

01)What is the message of Lines from the Lay of the Last Minstrel? Introduction Poet  This poem is written By Sir Walter Scott Introduction Poem  This poem is about patriotism and love of motherland. “A heart without the love of motherland is a dead heart” Ans)This poem is written by Sir Walter Scott In this poem the poet Sir Walter Scott says that the man who has no love for his country is quite worthless. If he does not feel an excitement as he comes back from a foreign country, he is dull fellow. No body loves such a man and no singer sings in his honor though. He is a selfish mean fellow, and always thinks about his interest only. He will be completely forgotten after his death 02)What did William wordsworth feel while standing on Westminster bridge ?  Introduction Poet  This poem is written By William Wordsworth Introduction Poem  The poet portrays the beauty of peace and quietness in the early hours of the morning Ans)Once William wordsworth visited the Westminster bridge i

The Accounting Process Or The 9 Important Steps in the Accounting Cycle

The Accounting Process Step #1: Analyzing transactions Step #2: Recording transactions Step #3: Posting transactions Step #4: Prepare a trial balance (T.B.) Step #5: Make adjusting entries Step #6: Prepare an adjusted T.B. Step #7: Prepare financial statements Step #8: Close the books Step #9: Reversing entries (optional) Step #1: Analyzing Transactions Using the “Accounting Equation” The Accounting Equation: A = L + S.E. Determine how each transaction affects the company’s financial position using the accounting equation. At least two items of the equation must be affected by each transaction in order to maintain the equality (i.e., an increase on one side must be accompanied either by a decrease on the same side or by an increase on the other side of the equation) To start, you may ask the question of “Did the company get anything? And How?/From whom?” or “Did the company give up anything? And Why?/To whom?” Step #2: Recording Transactions Record the complete

46 Important Questions XII English Guess Paper B

46 Important Questions XII English Guess Paper B 1- Why is Black Michael not regarded as a suitable person to be the king of Rurutania? 2- What force does Einstein blame for the persistent of war? 3- “Heavier does not always make the right men king”. Whose comment is this and what does it means? 4- I went into town and said to police man. “Will you tell me the way to Dolran may”, the smiled and said? 5- Why does the author make the poet a humorous character? 6- What is the upright man’s view about worldly life? What are the characteristics of an upright man? 7- What were the reasons given by Liaquat Ali Khan for the Muslim’s desire not to continue living in united India? 8- What lesson do we learn from the lesson The Devoted Friend? 9- Why do the Europeans learn the centuries after the tau of the roman empires as “The Buck Ages”? 10- Fate and fortune are important in human life. Comment on this statement with fever to the essay on man? 11 Mrs. Oakent

Important XII English Guess Paper C

 Important XII English Guess Paper C Importants XII POEMS What is the philosophy of life as described by William Shakespeare in The Seven Ages of Man? Why does the school boy go to school at a snail’s pace? Why does the lover sigh like a furnace? Give the description of fourth/fifth/sixth stage of life according to Shakespeare. What types of feats of strength were performed by Samson? How did Samson bring down the roof of the great temple and kill his enemies? How did Samson take his revenge from his enemies-Philistines and why? What is the central idea or theme of Alexander Pope’s An Essay on Man? Why does Alexander Pope call “Death” the great teacher? What does Wordsworth guess about the theme of the girl’s song? Why is Wordsworth unable to understand the theme of the girl’s song? CHAPTERS Why does the man want to kill Mrs. Oakentubb? Why, in your opinion, does the author make the porter a humorous character? Give the character sketch of the porter in Twenty Minutes

35 Questions And Answers From Past Papers - XII English Solved Paper

35 Questions And Answers From Past Papers - XII English Solved Paper 1. How did Rudolf Rassendyll become the king of Ruritania? Ans: Rudolf Rassendyll was a tall, young and handsome man, belonged to a noble family in England. He was an educated man of twenty nine, who had perfect command over German and French. He was bold cultural and knew the art of becoming popular. He had red hair, straight nose, blue eyes and a beard. His physical appearance bore striking resemblances to that of the real king, through there were some points of differences.His likeness with king of Ruritania helped him to make his mission a success. 2. Why and how did Antoinette de Mauban help Rudolf Rassendyll? Ans: Lady Mauban decived Black Michael by exposing the secrets to his opponents. She also saved Rudolf’s life at summerhouse. She did so because she loved Duke Michael and wanted to marry him. But Black Michael was planning to marry Flavia to get the throne. 3. What motive has the man for murder

XI English Important Questions With Answer

Q1)What is the attitude of the soldiers in Birkenhead drill? 2012 private  Ans) attitude of the soldiers / Behavior of soldiers The soldiers showed a great attitude/behavior by maintaining perfect discipline in the case of certain death. There was no panic on a troopship . the soldiers stood like they were at their daily drill instead of going down while the woman and children escaped in the life board Q2What message conveyed in the poem “ Abou bin adhem “ ?  2014regular 2013 private 2012 private Introduction  This poem is written by leigh hunt. He is very famous religious poet Message of the poem / Moral of the Poem / theme of the poem “God Loves those who love their fellowman” Q3)What are the poet’s views on the ruins of his village?  2014 reg 2012 reg Ans) This poem Is written By Goldsmith. The poet spent the golden period of his age in this village there were a lot shady places for taking rest But it has ruined .He says that all those source of happiness are no more in the vill