XI English Poem 12 Important Questions And Answers

XI English Poem 12 Important Questions And Answers
01)What is the message of Lines from the Lay of the Last Minstrel?

Introduction Poet 
This poem is written By Sir Walter Scott

Introduction Poem 
This poem is about patriotism and love of motherland.

“A heart without the love of motherland is a dead heart”

Ans)This poem is written by Sir Walter Scott In this poem the poet Sir Walter Scott says that the man who has no love for his country is quite worthless. If he does not feel an excitement as he comes back from a foreign country, he is dull fellow. No body loves such a man and no singer sings in his honor though. He is a selfish mean fellow, and always thinks about his interest only. He will be completely forgotten after his death

02)What did William wordsworth feel while standing on Westminster bridge ? 

Introduction Poet 

This poem is written By William Wordsworth

Introduction Poem 

The poet portrays the beauty of peace and quietness in the early hours of the morning

Ans)Once William wordsworth visited the Westminster bridge in the morning. He viewed the city from this bridge and impressed by its beauty He says that city of London looks very beautiful in the morning.

03) What incident happen to the lucy ?  or Who was lucy and how did she die?

Introduction Poet 

This poem is written By William Wordsworth

Introduction Poem 

The poem is about a fatal incident that occurs to an innocent girl living alone with her parents without any friends 

Ans)Lucy Gray was a beautiful little girl. She had no friends to play with and lived in Wild moor with her parents. One day her mother went to the town for shopping. In the evening her father told her to go to the town to bring her mother back. When she was on the way the storm had come before it was expected. Lucy could not see her way due to snow. She wandered here and there and at last died in the snow.Her parents searched her all night but all in vain. At last they found foot prints in the middle of a wooden bridge. Perhaps she slipped through it and died. Some people think that she is still alive and has become a part a nature.

04)Poem The Deserted Village (Poem)

What are the poet’s view on the ruin of his village called deserted village ?

Introduction Poet

This poem is written by Oliver Goldsmith. One of the best known English Poets.

Introduction poem

These lines from a part of Goldsmith’s Famous Poem, The Deserted Village. In these lines Goldsmith praises his native village and he repents on the loss of the games and happy life there

Ans)Goldsmith praises his native village. He calls it happy time of his age. The poet had spent his youth in this village. He therefore can not forget its charms. He remembers that there were shady places for taking rest and enjoying chatting. On holidays villagers enjoy different games and the young men took active part in these games and the old men watched them. the poet says that the villages are back bone of country. If they are destroyed once they can never be created again.

05)The Abbot of Canterbury (3 important Questions )

Introduction Poet 
The poet is anonymous. We do not know who wrote this poetic story

Introduction poem 
The Poem “The abbot of canterbury” comes from the south of England .This is interesting and amusing balled. It is based on verbal tricks
1. What was his (King’s) worth with his crown of gold?
Ans)To first question the shepherd replied that Jesus Christ was sold among the Jews for thirty pence, so his worth was only twenty nice pence.

Q2. How soon might he ride the whole world about?
Ans)To the second question the shepherd replied that if he rode with the sun he would travel round the world in 24 hours.

Q3. What was he thinking?
Ans)To the third question, he replied that he was thinking him Abbot of Canterbury but he was his poor shepherd and came to beg pardon for the Abbot and himself.

06)What are the qualities of a really happy man as mentioned by Sir Henry Wonton in his poem “The Character of Happy Life"?

Introduction Poet 
This poem is written by Sir Henry Wotton

Introduction poem 
The poem tells us the secrets of passing a happy life and qualities of a happy man

Ans) In this poem poet describes the qualities of a happy life. That man is really happy who thinks and acts in a free manner. He always speaks truth. His passions are completely under his control and he is never afraid of death. A happy man is not jealous of any body. He always hates flattery. He leads a very simple and carefree life

07)What is the moral / message/central idea of the poem abou bin adhem

Ans) this poem is written by James Henry Leigh Hunt. The moral of the poem Abou bin Adham that we should love our fellow being First

God love those who love his fellow men

08)Why was Abou Ben Adhem’s name on the top of the list?

Why did the name of Abou Ben Adhem lead all the rest? 

Introduction Poet 
This Poem is written By James Henry Leigh Hunt

Introduction Poem 
The poem tells about a pious and spiritual man, who believes that the best way to show our love to God is to love his creatures.

Ans)Abou Ben Adhem’s name was on the top of the list of the persons who had been blessed by God because he loved and served his fellow beings

09) What did Coventry Patmore find when he visited his son’s bedroom? Or What religious lesson did the poet draw from the incident in “The Toys”?

Introduction (Poet) The Toys in one of the beautiful poems composed by Conventry Patmore.

Introduction (poem)
We should forgive the mistakes of people and live with a friendly atmosphere. God is merciful on us and he forgives those people who forgive the mistakes of human beings.

Answer) the poem tells about a little boy whose mother is dead .likely the boy is mischievous and disobeys his father. His father becomes angry and slaps his son and sends him to bed. Then he regrets he goes to his bad room. There he finds his son fas asleep and his eyelashes are still wet with tears then his father notices the little toys arrange in order to confort himself the father is extremely touched and forgives his son

11)What the philosophical idea do you get from the poem “Under The Greenwood Tree”?

What type of hardship can be faced in the forest according to Shakespeare? What is the moral of the poem?

Give the central idea of “under the green wood tree “

Introduction Poet
This Poem is written By the greatest english poet william shakespear

Introduction poem
The main theme of this song is that if you want to spend a peaceful life then you should leave all the ambition and falsehood of this fake world behind. Here you can spend a tension free life.

Ans)This poem is written by William Shakespeare who is regarded as greatest dramatist in English literature.In this poem poet explains the charms of forest(village)life and ask people to come and join him in forest cause he poet says that you will not find any enemy in forest, one can spend peaceful life,

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12)Incident Of The French Camp

Introduction Poet

This poem has been composed by Robert Browning.

Introduction Poem

The poem tells us the incident of the french camp which happen in 1809.