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Influence The Development Of Fishing Industry

Discuss the factors that influence the development of fishing industry in any area? 2011(R) FACTORS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF FISHING INDUSTRY: CLIMATE: There are so many factors which are responsible for the growth of fishing industry, because fish like the cool climate, so cool climate of the temperature belt prevents the plankton and other fish food from decaying rapidly. PHYSICAL FACTORS : FISH FOOD: All marine life depends on a very minute vegetable life, called Plankton. The animal, Plankton lives on vegetable plants. These minute plants have the power of absorbing the dissolved nitrogenous compounds, mineral salt and carbon dioxide; the last two are in abundance in the sea. CONDITION OF COAST LINE: The broken coastline are mostly suited for fishing industry, because such type of coast line provide facilities for the construction of harbors, which provides shelter to the fishermen at the storms. TOPOGRAPHY OF LAND: In those countries where topography of the land is not suited for

Discuss the importance of Fishing Industry?

Briefly discuss the importance of Fishing Industry? DEFINITION Fishing is one of the great primary industries of the world. Fish provides the earliest available food for man. There is no need to cultivate the land wait for the maturity of the crops, as in agriculture to provide food. IMPORTANCE OF FISHING INDUSTRY: The present day fishing industry is not confined to produce food only; its scope is much large. Fish now supplies important materials of industrial use. Fish meal is a valuable manufacture; fish oil is used for medicines and industrial purposes like lubricating, tanning, soap making and tempering of steel.  Among the new uses of fish, is the use of fish meal as a feeding stuff to cows and poultry. This is a recent development and saves waste in the fishing industry. Fish meal has proved very useful for growing stock of all kinds, for highly concentrated food and is given mixed with other stuff. check this out yeh kuch sawal dhekien F our points for the

Explain the various kinds of animal found in the world?

Explain the various kinds of animal found in the world? HERDING OR ANIMAL KEEPING: Animal keeping is also considered one of the primary activities of man. The animals found in the various parts of the world can be classified into two types: 1. Wild Animals 2. Domesticated or Tame animals WILD ANIMALS: 1. ANIMAL LIFE IN THE FOREST: In the tropical forests conditions are unsuited to animals. The climate is damp an unhealthy and the vegetation are too dense to allow free movement either birds, monkeys and apes live on the trees or big animal like elephant take shelter in these forests. 2. ANIMALS LIFE IN THE GRASS AND SCRUB LANDS: These regions are the abodes of hoofed animals (or ungulates) like antelopes, deer, horses, camels and in places sheep and goats. 3. ANIMAL LIFE IN THE DESERT: Deserts have very few animals. The hot deserts have only some insects and gnawing animals that live on dry scattered vegetation. 4. ANIMAL LIFE IN THE MOUNTAINS: Very few animals live on high mountains

Commercial Activities & Explain its various kinds

Qno3 What do you mean by Commercial Activities? Explain its various kinds? 2010(P&R) Commercial Activities: All those activities which are associated with exchange of goods, paying and receiving, buying, selling and transportation are called Commercial Activities. Kinds/Classification of Commercial Activities: Following are the various kinds / classification of Commercial Activities. Primary Activities: The activities in which men get direct benefit from natural resources obtained from earth and geographical environment are called Primary Activities. The procedure related to primary activities was adopted by man during his early period of history. These activities were limited and only related to subsistence. Forests, minerals, and birds are the natural resources of food. Secondary Activities:  The commercial activities which are involved in transforming raw materials which are obtained from initial activities into unable products by manufacturing are called Secondary

What are the major difference b/w Commercial and Economic Activities

What are the major difference b/w Commercial and Economic Activities? 2012(R) All those activities of men which are associated with production, consumption and exchange of consuming goods are called Economic Activities. In economic activities, human physical and intellectual efforts are used to make resources beneficial for production of wealth. All those activities which are associated with exchange of goods, paying and receiving, buying, selling and transportation are called Commercial Activities. The major difference between Economic activities and Commercial Activities are related to the exchange of goods, paying and receiving, transportation and buying and selling with the intellectual, physical and practical human efforts. top trending CG questions with answers F our points for the importance of the study of commercial geography for the Commerce students? Stone Age Vs Bronze Age Vs Machine Age Vs Atomic Age. Economic Activities. Briefly discuss the classification