Discuss the importance of Fishing Industry?

discuss the importance of Fishing Industry?
Briefly discuss the importance of Fishing Industry?
DEFINITION Fishing is one of the great primary industries of the world. Fish provides the earliest available food for man. There is no need to cultivate the land wait for the maturity of the crops, as in agriculture to provide food.

The present day fishing industry is not confined to produce food only; its scope is much large. Fish now supplies important materials of industrial use. Fish meal is a valuable manufacture; fish oil is used for medicines and industrial purposes like lubricating, tanning, soap making and tempering of steel. 
Among the new uses of fish, is the use of fish meal as a feeding stuff to cows and poultry. This is a recent development and saves waste in the fishing industry. Fish meal has proved very useful for growing stock of all kinds, for highly concentrated food and is given mixed with other stuff.

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