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105 Short Questions and Answers

  Short Questions and Answers 1.         Who was the first president of Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Ans.     The first president of the Islamic Republic of Pkistan was Iskandar Mirza. 2.         Of which organization is UNICEF the abbreviated forms? Ans.     UNICEF is one of the specialized agenceis of United nations an dis the abbreviated form of "United Nations International Children Emergency Fund." 3.         Which institution was inaugurated by the Quaid-e-Azam in July 1948? Ans.     The State Bank of Pakistan was inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam in July, 1948. 4.         Name the rivers on which the Mangla Dam and the Tarbela Dam are built. Ans.     Tarbela Dam is built on River Indus and Mangla Dam is built on River Jhelum. 5.         Name two famous poets of Pushto language. Ans.     The famous and popular poets of Pushto language are: (i)         Kazim Khan Shaida (ii)        Rehman Baba 6.         Who are the famous poets of Sindhi languaeg?