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communication Lesson One

What is communication? • The term communication has different meaning in very sphere of life.  • The exact meaning of communication is to making oneself understood. • Convey your message to another. • Pass information from one place to another. •        As in buying the raw materials in advertising and selling the products. Types of Communication Verbal Communication Written, communication, and the usage cannot be considered incorrect. Means of verbal communication • Radio, • the telephone, • loudspeaker • telegraph, • the teletype, • the fax machine. Types of Communication  Nonverbal Communication Facial expressions, gestures, posture, and tone of voice. Its an important component of personal business interactions. APPEARANCE. In oral forms of communication, the appearance of both the speaker and the surroundings are vital to the successful conveying of a message.

BA English Solved Punjab University Pakistan

I was searching for ba English Punjab notes so I found some of them that I am going to share with you ( note: this is not written by me ) I just copy and past here because this is beneficial for all student those belong to Lahore and Punjab B.A PUNJAB UNIVERSITY 2012 Important Note:   All parts of a question must be attempted together at one place, otherwise you may not get any credit. Over-attempts will not be marked. All questions carry equal marks . 1 .           Explain with reference to the context any THREE of the following.         7,6½,6½ i.             I will drain               Long draughts of quiet               As a purgation. Reference: These lines have been taken from the poem “New Year Resolutions” by “Elizabeth Sewell”. Context: In this poem the poetess discusses about her plans. She says she is repenting on her past life and determines to change herself in future. Explanation: In these lines the poetess is making the planes of the future l

Single Entry System Exercise In Accounting

Welcome to Shamim collegiate here is a single entry incomplete record exercise Question as soon as possible I will provide you answer because I don't have much time to write. these questions are an assignment for my all students inshallah I will provide more questions single entry system 12th commerce project SHAMIM COLLEGIATE House NO# LA 54 Block 15 Gulshan e Mustafa FB Area karachi, Mobile :: 03433498272 1. Shamim collegiate started a business. He maintain his records on single entry system as summary cash receipt and cash payment as under Cash receipt Cash payment Shamim collegiate capital         Rs 120,000 Equipment                                 60,000 Sales                                           Rs 100,000    Payment to supplier                   40,000 Bank loan                                   Rs   50,000 Cash purchases                           80,000 Collection from customer