XII English Important Question Answers

XII English Important Question Answers
Q1)Describes the sconce of the railway waiting room in twenty minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb?

Ans)Scene of the railway waiting room 

A gentleman meets Mrs Okantubb all alone in the railway waiting room of small country junction. He recognizes her by label of her suitcase. When he asks her about the murder. She offers many lame excuses but the gentleman is not satisfied with her explanation. He raises his revolver and fire at her and she falls dead

Q2) What is the Einstein’s attitude towards leadership?

Einstein’s Attitude Towards Leadership

Albert Einstein Believes in Healthy Leadership, the people should be free To choose their leaders. He is democrat, he believes that leadership is a necessary and he suggest s that leadership should not be thrust upon the people by force because of force attracts only people of low mentality and morality as well

Q.3) how did the panic start in the cinema on High Street? And how the panic did last and how was the order restored?

The Day the Dam Broke By James Thurber

In the cinema house the panic started when people heard the sound of the feet of running people outside. Suddenly a woman shouted “Fire” and everyone thought that theatre hail was on fire. Everybody rushed out. the panic lasted for two hours in the story “ the day dam broke”. Order was finally restored by militia men riding through the city in motor Lorries announcing on the megaphone. “The dam has not broken” Then, the people went back to their home quickly.

Q.4)what are the qualities of upright man describe by Thomas campion

Introduction To Poet

This poem is written by Thomas Campion. He was a prominent scholar, poet and musician of his time.

Qualities of Upright man

An Upright man is an honest person. He leads Very simple Life and remains satisfied from his present. He does not care about worries and sorrows. He always ready for his death it means he is not afraid of death. He is confidence and brave. He always depends on GOD. He believes that the earth is temporary home and he as to go to his eternal home after his death

Q:5 What message has been conveyed in the poem ‘Say not the struggle naught availeth’?

Ans: The poet actually wants to convey the message to those who are in the way of struggling in life any way. He says that those who are working for the Betterment of the world should not surrender against any kind of even and odd Circumstances. It may take a longer time to see and have the fruits of their Efforts born fruit. The efforts will apparently look going into mire and no Monetary success or fruit is achieved. But underneath the voyage towards Success continues and ultimately ends with something fruitful.

Q6).How is traditional culture threatened in an age dominated by science and machinery?

Ans. There is no doubt that there is a great danger to traditional (local) culture from science and machinery. Science and machinery dominate (or destroy) older cultures to such an extent that they tend to put an end, not only to what was bad but also to what was good in the culture of the past.

Q7.Briefly give probable reason for the magistrate’s decision to discharge Mrs. Jones.

Ans. The magistrate’s discharge Mrs. Jones probably because of two reasons. One, when the silver box went missing, she was in the room, but the silver box was not found on her person. Secondly, her husband, Mr. Jones, had confused to the Magistrate, that he had taken the silver box. Therefore the Magistrate discharged Mrs. Jones..

Q8.What does the line, “Come, my friends, Tis not too late to seek a newer world,” means?

Line from Ulysses Written by Alfred Tennyson

This line is taken from “Lines from Ulysses”. In this poem Ulysses tells that they are old but old age does not mean idle life . he reminds them their past glory and adventure done in the Trojan war. We are weak but our will-power is very strong to struggle, to search and not to submit. In this way Ulysses pays a high tribute to his sailors and prepares them to go with him in his last voyage

Q09)When do we first suspects that the Miller was not a really god friend of Hans?

The devoted friend by Oscar wilde
Ans: We begin to suspect Miller when he decided not to pay a visit to Hans as long as the lasts. Hans was in trouble and the Miller used to tell his wife, “When people are in trouble they should be left alone and not be bothered by visitors”.


This story has been told by a bird to a water-rat. The water-rat was very selfish. friendship was not a matter of give and take for him. So the miller was just like that rate. This story tells us about one-sided friendship Its mean that Miller Is the fair weather friend

Q10)What is the theme of the poem “music when soft voice die”

What ideas does the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, give about the existence of thought about the past in the poem


This poem is written by “percy bysshe shelly”. In this poem we are told that we can not forget our loved ones even though they are no longer with us.

Theme of the poem/messge of poem/music when soft voice die by shelly

Shelly gives the example of music , violets flowers, and rose that the sweet flowers remain in our mind and refresh us or the song has ended, which keeps in memory. He gave the message to his beloved that he will sleep or keep in memory even after her death, he will love her forever

Q11)What things of beauty that keats find most inspiring in the poem “ line from endymion”?

Line from Edymion By John Keats

This poem is written by john keats..edymion was the brain sick shepherd prince with the whom the goddess., Cynthia falls in love. The poet says that a thing of beauty is a constant source of joy. The world is full of beautiful objects of nature such as the moon, the sun, shady trees and the flowers give us pleasure . a thing of beauty is a permanent source of joy for human life