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XI English Important Questions With Answer

Q1)What is the attitude of the soldiers in Birkenhead drill? 2012 private 
Ans) attitude of the soldiers / Behavior of soldiers

The soldiers showed a great attitude/behavior by maintaining perfect discipline in the case of certain death. There was no panic on a troopship . the soldiers stood like they were at their daily drill instead of going down while the woman and children escaped in the life board

Q2What message conveyed in the poem “ Abou bin adhem “ ?  2014regular 2013 private 2012 private


This poem is written by leigh hunt. He is very famous religious poet

Message of the poem / Moral of the Poem / theme of the poem

“God Loves those who love their fellowman”

Q3)What are the poet’s views on the ruins of his village?  2014 reg 2012 reg

Ans) This poem Is written By Goldsmith. The poet spent the golden period of his age in this village there were a lot shady places for taking rest But it has ruined .He says that all those source of happiness are no more in the village. In the end he says villagers are the backbone of a country. If they are destroyed once they can never be created again

Q4)Describe tha function of WHO or UNICEF? 2014 reg 2012 reg


WHO stand for world health Organization. It look after the problem of international health. It controls the disease on the international level


UNICEF stands for united nation international children’s fund. It looks after and save children health, education and safety on the international level

Q5)What are the limitations of science in regards to the services to society?

limitations of science

Science fails to solve so many political and social problem because it method apply only to those thing which can be observed measured and treated mathematically. It can nothing do with happiness, goodness, beauty, friendship , love of family and love of country

Q6)Why manning never believe that king was murderer?

Ans) the manning did not believe that the king was the murderer because the king would never reached the white hart hotel in his car.

Q7)What is the message of the poem “Incident of French camp “?

Ans) Napoleon was standing on a little hill at a distance of one mile from the town. Mean while the young rider came out on his horse. He got off his horse near napoleon and give him the news of victory than fell down and dead

He sacrifice his life for his nation

Q8)Why does science fail to solve political and social problem?

Political and social problem

Ans) Science fails to solve political and social problem because it method apply only to those thing which can be observed measured and treated mathematically. It can nothing do with happiness, goodness, beauty, friendship , love of family and love of country

Model paper Solved 2021

        XI English Solved Notes

                    (by sir tariq)

                              Questions and answers

Question 01)   What is meant by value as mentioned in science and society?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Answer) The word  ‘Values’ has been used in the lesson “ Science and society” in the sense of moral principles, the principles which are related to Good human behaviour.

Question 02) Why did Kashmir not join Pakistan?

Answer) Kashmir was a state were the Muslims in majority nut, a Hindu maharaja ruled over the state. The people specially Muslims wanted to join Pakistan but Hindu maharaja of Kashmir treacherously handed over this Muslim state to India.

Question 03) What mistake did the author make while writing a cheque?

Answer) The author wanted to draw six dollars through a cheque for his present use. When he wrote the cheque he had written fifty-six dollars instead of six. The author was very upset , so he could not make any reason for it. He had a feeling that it was impossible to explain the thing.

Question 04) Why was the name of  abou ben adhem written at the top of the list?

Answer) God loves those people’s who loves his fellow man, Abou ben adhem was a religious and as a king he always tried to work for the betterment  and welfare of his people. God blessed abou ben adhem for his love for human beings. Thus the name of abou ben adhem led all the rest.

 Question 05)Why did albert change his mind to fight a duel with the count of monte cristo?

Answer) When albert realized that his father the count of morcerf was a man of evil nature and he had done wrong with the count of monte cristo in the past. When his mother told him the whole story , he came to know that his father was a villain and traitor of his country.  So he decided abandon him and side with the count of monte cristo for the reason he did not fight a duel to the count of monte cristo.

Model paper q/s

 Question 06) Why did Kashmir not join Pakistan?

Answer) Thr majority of the people living in the beautiful valley of Kashmir where the form the core of their hearts, they wanted to join Pakistan but at that time, a hindu maharaj ruling over Kashmir. He did not allow the people to vote in the favour of Pakistan against their aspiration and their conspiracy. He took the majority away from Pakistan hence, the Kashmir could not join Pakistan.

Question 07) How did the Birkenhead came to be wretched?

Answer) Sixty four kilometers from cape town, Birkenhead an army ship was carrying british soldiers and their families to south Africa. It struck against a hidden rock and split into two parts. The first half soon sank into water fortunately, all the passengers on the ship managed to reached the second half of the ship, Which was still floating in water. They had a narrow escape from watery grave . When the ship struck, most of its life boats are damaged or destroyed, only three are in useful condition.

Question 08)  What did the baroness think the legend was?

Answer) There are always legends about these old places. They are not difficult to invent and they cost nothing. In this case, there is a story that when anyone dies in a castle all the dog in the village and the wild beast in the forest howl over night long.

Question 09) Why do people think that lucy grey is a living child, On what account has lucy grey became the past of nature?

Answer) The common belief of people about Lucy grey is that she is still alive and became the part of nature. They still belief that Lucy is not dead and her spirit roams and sing a solitary song which can be heard in the whistling sound of the air.

Question 10) What message does leigh hunt went to convey through ‘abou ben adhem’ ?

Answer)  The central idea of this poem Is that service to man is worship to god. Almighty god showers his blessing upon those who show kindness to his creature. God loves those people who love his fellow man. Abou ben adhem was a religious man and as a king he always tried to work for the betterment and welfare of his people. God blessed abou ben adhem because of his love for human beings. Thus the name of abou ben adhem led all the rest.

Question 11) Explain briefly how sir henry Wotton happy man having nothing yet hath all ?

Answer)  Sir henry Wotton present an idea of a happy man in his poem ‘the character of happy life’. A man is really happy who think and act in a free manner. He always speak the truth and follows honesty through thick and thin. He  is the master of his passion. A happy man is not jealous of anybody, he always follows the rule of a good life and hates flattery, he leads a very simple and carefree life.

Question 12) What does the count of morcerf say when the count of monte cristo disclose his identity?

Answer) The count of monte cristo was a stranger and a mysterious count who had came to face to face with morcerf. He disclose his identity that he was the sailor and that morcerf was the fisher man who lived in mersiller in the past. The face of morcerf is filled with hatred and anger to know the fact. He takes out a pistol and taking aim say “Edmond dantes” who was death! You have come back  from the tomb and to the tomb you shall return.


Question 13) What did the countess of morcerf to do save her son life?

Answer) The count of monte cristo does not want to kill albert because  the countess begged him to spare her son life. The count promise her to do so ,because he still loves her. She was engaged to him, but the count of morcerf hatched a plot against him for which he was sentence to life imprisonment.

Question 14)  Why and from whom did the count of monte cristo want to take revenge?

Answer) The count of monte cristo wanted to take revenge from the count of morcerf because the count of morcerf betrayed him while he was innocent. The count of monte cristo loved a beautiful catalan girl and had already been betrothed to her , but since fernand mondego , the count of morcerf  also wanted to win her hand so he decided to remove Edmond dantes, the count of monte cristo, from is way. He plotted against him and produced false evidence in the court showing him a spy.


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