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Pakistan and the Modern World

07).Pakistan and the Modern World Question 01) What do you know about Liaquat Ali Khan? Ans) Liaquat Ali Khan was born on 1 October 1895. He was the right-hand man of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah during the crucial years of the Muslim struggle for the creation of Pakistan. In 1974, he became the first Prime Minster of the Muslim homeland for which he had worked hard. He was the great statesman with a deep compassion for human sufferings. He was a fine orator with sincerity and eloquence in his speech. A fanatic at a public meeting in Rawilpindi on October 16, 1951 assassinated him. Question 02) What reasons did Liaquat Ali Khan give to justify the demand for Pakistan? Ans) In his speech, Liaquat Ali Khan made it clear that apart from difference of religion between the Muslims and the Hindus, there were a number of other very serious types of causes behind the demand put by the Muslims for a separate homeland. The Muslims believed that it was impossible for them to accep

Reflection on the Re-Awakening East

  06).Reflection on the Re-Awakening East Question 01) What do you know about the author of the lesson “Reflection on the Re-Awakening East ? Ans) The author of the lesson “Reflection on the Re-Awakening East” is Bertrand Russell. He is one of the most outstanding writers and thinkers of modern time. He was born in 1872. He inherited an earldom but did not make use of his title. Before becoming famous as a writer, he was an eminent mathematician and philosopher. His more popular works have been notable for their introduction of scientific attitudes into the discussion of politics and sociology. Question 02) On what ground Bertrand Russell argue that Communism is “the most and virulent form of Western Imperialism Ans) Bertrand Russell says that Communism is the most modern and extremely severe and hostile from of Western Imperialism. However, Communism is not widely recognized either in the East or in the West. Communist Russia tried to unite the smaller nations of the world und


  05).ACT III OF THE SILVER BOX By  JOHN GALSWORTHY Question 01) Give a brief introduction of John Galsworthy. Ans) John Galsworthy (1867-1933) was a distinguished novelist and playwright whose works contain a great deal of criticism of the British Society, particularly of the values of well to do professional class to which he himself belonged. He had strong sympathies with the unfortunate. He wrote a number of novels about the Forstyes, a fictional family of the upper middle class. The novelist Conrad, described him as a ‘humanitarian moralist’. Question 02) Give a short description of the story “The Silver Box”. Ans) The “Silver Box” is a powerful and bitter play. In a fit of drunken mischief Jack, the dissolute son of a highly respectable Mr.Barthick, a Liberal Member of Parliament, steals a purse from a woman. In a similar fit of drunken mischief Jones, the husband of Mr. Barthwick’s charwoman, steals the silver cigarette box and the purse. Mr. Barthwick is able to hush up


  04.THE WORLD AS I SEE IT  BY ALBERT EINSTEIN Question 01) What leads Einstein to feel a strong sense of duty towards his fellowmen? Ans) A hundred times everyday he reminds himself that his inner and outer life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead and that he must exert himself in order to give in the same measure as he has received and is still receiving. Question 02) What ideals did Einstein follow all the lifelong and what elements did he reject as cheap and scornful? Ans) He seems to be strongly desirous of spending simple life. He strongly hated and rejected the ideals which ordinary people keep following such as wealth, fame, luxury and material comforts of life. He said that the ideals which had been giving him courage to face hardship of life and which had always been guiding and inspiring him were Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Question 03) What is Einstein’s attitude to war? What forces does Einstein blame for the persistence of war? Ans) War see


03.DEVOTED FRIEND BY OSCAR WILDE Question 01) How did the Miller justify his not asking Hans to share some of his good things during the winter? Ans) The Miller justified his not asking by saying that if little Hans came up, and saw their warm fire, and their good supper, and their great cask of red wine he might get envious, and envy is the most terrible sin and would spoil anybody’s nature. He certainly would not allow Hans’ nature to be spoiled. Question 02) How did the Miller persuade Hans to carry the large sack of flour to the market? Ans) When the Miller asked to carry the large sack of flour to the market, Hans simply excused him, as he was busy. He was all his creepers to nail up, and all his flowers to water, and all his grass to roll. However, the Miller made him realize that he was going to give Hans his wheelbarrow so; it was rather unfriendly of him to refuse. Thus, the Miller persuaded Hans by blackmailing him.   Question 03) When do we first suspect that the