Commercial Activities & Explain its various kinds

What do you mean by Commercial Activities Explain its various kinds
Qno3 What do you mean by Commercial Activities? Explain its various kinds? 2010(P&R)

Commercial Activities:

All those activities which are associated with exchange of goods, paying and receiving, buying, selling and transportation are called Commercial Activities.

Kinds/Classification of Commercial Activities:

Following are the various kinds / classification of Commercial Activities.

Primary Activities: The activities in which men get direct benefit from natural resources obtained from earth and geographical environment are called Primary Activities. The procedure related to primary activities was adopted by man during his early period of history. These activities were limited and only related to subsistence. Forests, minerals, and birds are the natural resources of food.

Secondary Activities: The commercial activities which are involved in transforming raw materials which are obtained from initial activities into unable products by manufacturing are called Secondary Activities. Different kinds of industries and their manufacturing procedures are classified as Secondary activities of man.

Tertiary Activities: The commercial activities in which services are added to primary and secondary commercial activities to increase the utility of the manufacturing products are called Tertiary activities. Tertiary activities are related with services, not to the production of tangible commodities. Trade and commerce is an important tertiary activity.

What do you mean by Commercial Activities Explain its various kinds
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