Stone Age Vs Bronze Age Vs Machine Age Vs Atomic Age.


In the beginning the man’s needs were limited. Thus in that period man used to live like animals, and also used the forests products as his food, as the human being was increasing rapidly, he adopted various ways for hunting and fishing for these purposes he begin to use instrument made of stones. Thus that period of man’s history is known as Stone Age. 
Stone Age Vs Bronze Age Vs Machine Age Vs Atomic Age.


After that man becomes more civilized and he started to tame the wild animals and with the help of these animals he started the profession of agriculture to fulfill the needs for growing population. Besides the production of various agricultural crops man started digging of earth and he became successful for fining various minerals thus this period is known as Bronze Age.


The discovery of various minerals enables man to make various inventions in shape of machines in which the steam engines was notable for industrial revolution in many countries. That period was known as Machine Age.


Thus, in the present age the invention of atomic energy has enabled man to explore the whole world, after the getting of knowledge about the world. The man is trying to discover and conquer the universe, and he has become successful to reach up to moon and his struggle to reach other planets is still in progress, thus the present age can be called as an Atomic Age.

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