English Essay Terrorist Activities in Pakistan

English Essay Terrorist Activities in Pakistan

 Terrorist Activities in Pakistan

Terrorism means the use of force or aggression against a person, groups or governments. The aims of such a destructive activity are to create fear and alarm in the messes. Terrorism is not a modern activity. It has been going on in the world for a very long time. In the past, the societies were not organized. However, in the old world, the robbers and dacoits waylaid people during their journey, robbed them of their belongings, and deprived the weak of their life. Now the terrorist activity has changed. It has become an organized government.

A regular terrorist organization usually works against the government. Its main object is to create disorder and anarchy in the country. The forces of law and order are weakened. The government cannot pay proper attention to build the nation and look after the welfare of its people. Most of their attention is diverted to curb the terrorists. Now a day, terrorists use modern destructive weapons to destroy the buildings, offices and public places like railway stations and airports. They implant bomb and cause a great loss to public property and life.

Terrorist acts are committed for various reasons. Some terrorist groups support a particular political philosophy. Other terrorist organizations fight against the government to get liberation on the ethnic basis. Dictators use violence to frighten or eliminate their opponents.

In Pakistan, the terrorist activities go on in a planned and organized manner. The reasons for their activities are quite obvious. The terrorists in Pakistan create violence, commit murder, implant bombs at public places, and kidnap people for ransom due to the following reasons.

1. In Pakistan, certain groups kill one another on the basis of religious differences. They are financially backed and aided by foreign countries and anti-Pakistan secret services like RAW.

2.The terrorist activities are committed in certain parts of Pakistan on the basis of linguistic or ethnic differences. There are political organizations which are established on the ethnic or linguistic. They murder, kill or kidnap people from the rival or opposite groups

3.India has always tried to destabilize the political and economic stability of Pakistan. Its secret services RAW works in coordination with the Israel secret service MOSSAD and disrupts the normal life of the country through its agents. They create anarchy in the country by blasting bombs at different public places.

During the last many years, Pakistan has become a favorite place for the terrorist to execute their destructive activities. In the mosques, imam Bargahs, the places of worship and religious centers have innocent men, women and children are killed. During the year 2012, more than three thousand people have been killed in and more than five hundred citizens have been killed in Karachi. The terrorist activities seem to have become the routine matter in the country.

Terrorist needs to be checked carefully. The government should force all the people leave the country that are illegally present. It should arrange to shop the illegal flow of arms and money, into the country from abroad. All the secret services of Pakistan should work in coordination with one another and try their utmost to detect and identify the terrorists.