Letter Expressing Concern Over The Reckless Driving

Letter Expressing Concern Over The Reckless Driving

1.Write a letter to an editor of a newspaper expressing concern over the reckless driving in the city.

Examination Hall,
A-B-C Road,
16th May 2013
The Editor,
X-Y-Z News,

Subject: Complaint for Reckless Driving in Karachi.

Venerable Sir,

Through the courtesy of your columns I wish to voice my concern and draw the attention of the concerned authorities to a matter that is causing us great inconvenience. I have personally observed that your newspaper always stresses on the problems of common people.

I live in Karachi where the most pressing problem faced by the residents of Karachi, is reckless driving. The drivers of public transports do not seem to attach any value to human life or safety. They drive their vehicles with recklessness, which take precious human lives or make them permanently disabled. They drive at high speed, which is not allowed, on city roads, they take turns suddenly; they overtake other buses in the most careless manner. No overtaking is to be allowed on bridges or narrow roads but these drivers do not care for any such laws. It also results in the traffic jams, which sometimes take the precious life of a common person as he cannot be taken to the hospital on time.

These criminal activities must be stopped. The police and other law and order agencies must look into the problem and a sound solution.

Hope for a positive anticipation by the concerned authorities in the crying need of my city.

Yours sincerely,
Resident of Karachi.