Letter Frequent Power Breakdown

Letter Frequent Power Breakdown

Write a letter to an editor of a newspaper expressing concern over the frequent power breakdown in the city.

Examination Hall,
A-B-C Road,

16th May 2013
The Editor, 
X-Y-Z News, 

Subject: Frequent Power breakdown.

Venerable Sir,

Through the courtesy of your columns I wish to voice my concern and draw the attention of the concerned authorities to a matter that is causing us great inconvenience. I have personally observed that your newspaper always stresses on the problems of common people.

I live in Karachi where the most pressing problem is the frequent load shedding which has caused a lot of damage to the life of people. We are put to lot of inconvenience when in hot summer at noon the power break downs and we perspire like desert horses. This causes a great hardship to the students who are making preparation for their annual examinations ensuring shortly.

Every other day, K.E.S.C cuts down the electric supply without notice. This becomes a great hurdle for industries and that use electric machinery for their work. Disturbance and shortage of water supply is also a cause of discomfort among the citizens. It does not even go away in winter, but in the summer, it becomes the thorn in the eye. The abuses and curses K.E.S.C. gets in summer, if written on paper and loaded on Titanic, Titanic would not require a storm to be drowned.

It is high time therefore that the KESC authorities ought to do the needful to avoid the frequent load shedding to relieve the Karachites from this trouble.

Hope for a positive anticipation by the concerned authorities in the crying need of my city.

Yours sincerely, 
Resident of Karachi.