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Initial Difficulties at the Establishment of Pakistan

  Initial Difficulties at the Establishment of Pakistan Preface The emergence of Pakistan, after a long and arduous freedom movement, was infact a great victory of the democratic idea of life. The Indian Muslims happily and valiantly laid down their lives and properties to achieve a destination in which they saw the fulfillment of their dreams of living an independent life free from Hindu or British dominance. Quaid-e-Azam on 15 th  August, 1947 said: “My thoughts are with those valiant fighters in our cause who readily sacrificed all they had, including their lives, to make Pakistan possible.” Initial Difficulties of Pakistan From its very inception, Pakistan faced a large number of problems. Some of the initial difficulties were: 1.      Choice of Capital and Establishment of Government The first problem that Pakistan had to face was to choose a capital to form a Government and to establish a secretariat. Karachi was chosen as the capital of Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam took

Non - Aligned Movement

  Non - Aligned Movement Preamble Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is an important world organization of the third world countries who do not wish to be aligned with any of the big powers. The NAM can be defined as: “The international forum of the people of the third World who openly condemn and negate the lust for creating th e spheres of influence by the super powers and thus is an important and effective organ against Colonialism and imperialism.” Reasons for the Formations of NAM The World War II divided the world into two power blocs. The Western bloc being headed by U.S.A and the socialist bloc being governed by U.S.S.R. These two superpowers involved in cold war creating great problems for the smaller nations and underdeveloped countries. The best policy for such states would have been to isolate themselves from the cold war of the super powers and fully concentrate on their economic, social and cultural uplift. NAM is an organization to help these nations to exist. Band

Objective Resolution & Salient Features of Objective Resolution

  Objective Resolution Preamble Pakistan is the first nation in the world, whose creation was based on the religious motives. It was because of this reason that the popular and famous slogan of  “Pakistan ka Matlab Kiya? La Illaha Illallah.”  Was the main basis of the demand of Pakistan. But at the very outset of its establishment, it had no Islamic constitution of its own, so according to the independence act of 1947, the government of India Act 1935, with certain amendments was adopted by Pakistan. However, a new constitution was to be framed for the country since the old act of 1935 did not contain everything required for an independent Islamic state. First Constituent Assembly In order to establish a society based on the Islamic principles, a constituent assembly was formed in 1947 with Quaid-e-Azam as its leader. The responsibility of making a constitution of Pakistan rested on Constituent Assembly. However, with the death of Quaid-e-Azam on 11 th  September 1948, the re

Organization of Islamic Conference – O.I.C

Organization of Islamic Conference – O.I.C Introduction The organization of Islamic Conference is the symbol of Islamic brother hood and fraternity. It is the biggest and the most active organization of Muslim countries. It was established in 1969 so that the scattered strength of Muslims may be united and unity among the Muslim countries may be strengthened. Meeting of the Heads of the Islamic States The Zionists set fire to the Holy Mosque  “Al-Aqsa”  on 21 st  August, 1969 which greatly infuriated the Muslims all over the World. Strikes were observed throughout the Muslim World. The Muslims felt that effective steps should be taken to protect the Muslims from the aggression of the non-Muslim forces. Thus the Arab Foreign Ministers in their conference assigned the responsibility to the Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia and Morocco of making arrangement to hold an Islamic Summit Conference. After meeting in Jeddah, a seven member committee was formed to take necessary steps fo

Pakistan Resolution & Importance of Pakistan Resolution

Pakistan Resolution Preamble Pakistan resolution was the turning point in the history of Pakistan. It provides a way to the Muslims, leading to the destination of a complete independence. Attitude of Hindus Hindus clearly stated that they would not tolerate another community in India by saying: “India belong to the Hindus and if Muslims wish to live in India, they should accept Hinduism.” The Hindus tried to destroy Muslim identity by introducing Hindi as a medium of education. Congress Oppression The Congress neglected the Muslim in every field and supported the Hindus. It did not even recognize Muslim as a considerable party in India. In his address Nehru stated that: “There are only two parties in the country, the Congress and the British.” According of Quaid-e-Azam: “The sole aim and object of the Congress is to annihilate every other organization in the country.” Partition Proposals By 1937, the political conditions of Sub Continent compelled the Muslim p