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11th Class English Chapter 2 Birkenhead Drill

11th Class English Chapter 2 BIRKENHEAD DRILL Q:1:When and where did the Birkenhead sink? or What kinds of people were being carried as passengers on the Birkenhead? Ans) The Birkenhead was a troopship. In February 1851, more than a hundred and fifty years ago, it was carrying soldiers and their families to South Africa. There were six hundred and thirty people on the ship. Of these, one hundred and seventy were women and children. The soldiers were mostly young, inexperienced men, most of whom had joined the army only recently. The officers were few. For the most part, they, too, were young and inexperienced.  Q:2:How did the Birkenhead come to be wrecked? or Was any member of the crew to blame? Ans) Sixty-four kilometers from Cape Town in South Africa, there was a rock in the sea, which was then unknown and undiscovered. It was not shown in any of the maps of the sea. Therefore, it was unfair to blame any of them. It was 25th February when at two o’ clock in the early morning, th

11th Class English Chapter 01 Pakistan Zindabad

11th Class English OR 1st Year English Notes Chapter 01 Pakistan Zindabad Q:1:How was the Quaid-e-Azam greeted on 7th August, 1947 in Karachi? Ans) A large warm-hearted and enthusiastic crowd welcomed Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan and the first Governor General General of the country, at Maripur Airport, Karachi on 7 August 1947. The procession of the people that stretched from airport to the city was raising the slogans “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Quaid-Azam Zindabad”. The people of Karachi were grateful to the Father of the Nation and they gathered at the Maripur airport to give him a warm and historic reception. They wanted to pay the heartiest homage to the man who had won freedom for them and founded a new and separate homeland for them. he had changed their dream into reality, by virtue of his firm faith, determination, tireless struggle and wisdom.  Q:2: What was the Quaid’s response to that warm welcome? Ans) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah did not s

Admission Open ~ Muzzamil Collegiate XI & XII Commerce

  Muzzamil Collegiate  House NO#  LA 54  Block 15 Gulshan e Mustafa  FB Area karachi, Mobile :: 03022282940 . Fees Structure For XI & XII Commerce Muzzamil Collegiate is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and is open to all students with required academic   qualifications. It does not discriminate between age, race, sex, religion, nationality and social group. 1 st  year Fees Structure Accounting Business  math Principle of commerce                              Economics                                                   Urdu English Islamiyat 1 st   Year All subject fees Is only 2200 per Month 2nd year Fees Structure Accounting Statistic English C.G Urdu Banking Pak studies 2 nd Year All subject fees Is only 2500 per Month Sir Tariq Aziz Since 2010 Admission Open For XI and XII Commerce   Muzammil Collegiate House NO#  LA 54 Block 15 Gulshan e Mustafa  FB Area karachi, Mobile :: 03022282940. whatsapp 0343-3498272   1st year         for more detail watc

order letter for importing electronic goods from Germany. Assume necessary details.

 Write an order letter for importing electronic goods from Germany. Assume necessary details. Answer: Order Letter:                                                       UMAIR LIMITED North Nazimabad, Karachi. Phone: E-mail:                                                                                                                      February 29, 2016  Ref: 28/DC/93 Sales Manager,  Global Electronics, Germany. Subject: Purchase Order Dear Sir, Following purchase order is extended: S.No. Items Description Rate Quantity Total Amount 1. Vacuum Cleaner Murphy 110-M5 Rs.4,000/- 10 Rs.40,000 2. Refrigerator Sharp 10-17 Rs.25,000/- 12 Rs.300,000 3. Washing Machine Super Asia T-31 Rs.8,000/- 09 Rs.72,000 4. Television Philips 20” Vx-100 Rs.19,000/- 18 Rs.342,000 Total 49 Rs.754,000 According to your sales conditions we are entitled to have cash, sales and trade discount at the rate of 10% and 15% respectively. We should have the delivery of the ordered goods within 10 days after the rece

Everyday Science Mcqs CSS Test Preparation

Everyday Science MCQS Material 1. When the resultant of all the forces acting on a body is zero the body is said to be in a state of Equilibrium. 2. Gamma Rays are similar to X-Rays. 3. The Separation of ordinary light into its constituent colours is known as Dispersion. 4. If a body weighs 600 kg on the surface of the earth then the weight of the same body on the surface of moon will be 1/6th i.e. 100kg. 5. When a bullet penetrates into a target, the kinetic energy of a bullet is converted into Mechanical Energy. 6. The process of digestion begins in Mouth. 7. Sometimes when white blood corpuscles greatly increase in number, they cause a disease called Leukaemia. 8. The principle of wireless telegraphy was discovered by Signor Marconi. 9. The planet nearest to sun is Mercury. 10. Pressure cooker works on the principle that the boiling point of a liquid increases with the increase of pressure. 11. Copper is the best conductor of electricity. 12. Blood cells are manufactured by bone ma

Parts of business letter. Draw the sketch of a standard business letter.

  Describe the various parts of business letter. Draw the sketch of a standard business letter. Answer:  Parts of Business Letter:  A business letter consists of following parts: 1. Heading : It is a sort of advertisement and that is why they are set up in a very attractive manner. It should be compact and well arranged. It should consist of printed names and address of individual firms, company or corporation sending the letter. The telephone number, telegraphic address, codes used, date and reference number are also given with the letter head. 2. Inside Address:  It is the name and address of the party which is being addressed. It should be exactly the same as the outside address on the envelope. The name of the person or the firm used is an inside address must have proper courtesy titles. The common prefix for a man is Mr. if a person hold a degree or a title it must be added to his name such as Dr. Khan, if a person holds a university degree, it will precedes his designation as Mr.

Procedure Of Importing Goods From Foreign Country.

 Describe the procedure of importing goods from foreign country. Answer: Import Procedure : The procedure of import trade is as follows: 1. Registration: It is imperative as a first step for the importer that he should registered himself as commercial importer or industrial raw material user or the consumer with the chief controller of imports and exports. The intended importer is supposed to submit the following documents with chief controller: • Receipt of rent of the place where he runs business. • The name of the banker and his account number. • Certificate of nationality or his passport. • Income tax assessment order. • Income tax certificate. • Membership certificate from Chamber of Commerce. • Profit and loss account of atleast one financial year. 2. Obtain the Import License: The next stage is to obtain the license of the goods which importer wants to import. The license is issued by the chief controller of imports and exports. Import license is the permit given by the governm