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A Good Business Letter And Kinds of Business Letter

A business letter has the following parts: 1- Heading 2- Inside address 3- Salutation 4- Body / Text 5- Complimentary close 6- Post script, initial of the typist, carbon copies, etc.. Heading: Every business letter must have a printed heading. Most of the companies have a printed letter- head on which they write letters. The heading carries the following details: 16- Name of the company (the sender) 17- Address of that company. 18- A little description or introduction of the business of the company. 19- Telephone, telex, cables and fax number. 20- Date of the letter. Inside address : Inside address has its place on the left below the heading. It has the following details. 1- Name of the receiver. 2- His designation 3- Department’s name 4- Name of the company 5- Its address. Inside address facilitates the right person and right department to where the letter is meant, especially in a large sized company. Salutation: It is a third important part of the letter. It is words of greeting.

Explain the functions of the Chamber of Commerce

Explain the functions of the Chamber of Commerce?  Functions of Chamber of Commerce • It helps to develop trade and industry of a country and looks after and protects their interest. • It collects all sorts of information concerning commerce and industry and maintains numerous records which are necessary in connection therein. • It issues reports and Journals at regular intervals full of information regarding commerce and industry for its own members as well as for the general public. • Advisory services on labor practices and disputes are provided. • It helps the members in recovering debts. • It provides trade reference information about financial status of its members. • It protects trademarks and patterns and thereby encourages the cause of national commerce and industry. • It acts as arbitrator in case there is any dispute between businessmen. • It helps the exporters and importers by furnishing information of various natures in connection with import and export. • It issues expo

What is Chamber of Commerce?

What is Chamber of Commerce? CHAMBER OF COMMERCE • Chamber of commerce and industry is a voluntary non-trading association of persons who are directly or indirectly connected with commerce and industry. • Its purpose is to promote trade and business and protect the business interest of its members. • Thus, only the businessmen, industrialists, bankers and professional men like accountants, auditors are entitled to be members of the Chamber of Commerce. • The Chamber of Commerce is organized on regional basis. • The businessmen of a particular area form such organization e.g. Karachi Chamber of Commerce, Lahore Chamber of Commerce, Peshawar Chamber of Commerce. check this out  Download Free Notes

A good transportation system And Modes Of Transportation ~ Advantages And disadvantages

A good transportation system is important to all societies for the movement of people raw material and goods. The more developed an economy, the more extensive its transport network, while poor transportation is both a cause and consequence of underdevelopment.  MODES OF TRANSPORTATION:   Road transport  Railways  Water transport  Air transport  ROAD TRANSPORT    It is a dominant form of transport in the world. Approximately half of all passenger journeys in any country are taken by road. 12- Road are used by various forms of transportation such as trucks, automobiles, busses, motorcycles and bicycles. ADVANTAGES OF ROAD TRANSPORT: HIGHLY FLEXIBLE: Roads can be used to transport many varieties of people and can go almost anywhere on a connected landmass.  POINT TO POINT: cars, trucks, taxi, etc, door to door services (from a person’s to the garage at work). SAFE & CHEAPEST FORM: Road transportation is the safe and cheapest way to travel a short distance as compared to other mode