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A Good Business Letter And Kinds of Business Letter

A business letter has the following parts: 1- Heading 2- Inside address 3- Salutation 4- Body / Text 5- Complimentary close 6- Post script, initial of the typist, carbon copies, etc..

Every business letter must have a printed heading. Most of the companies have a printed letter- head on which they write letters. The heading carries the following details:

16- Name of the company (the sender) 17- Address of that company. 18- A little description or introduction of the business of the company. 19- Telephone, telex, cables and fax number. 20- Date of the letter.

Inside address: Inside address has its place on the left below the heading. It has the following details.
1- Name of the receiver. 2- His designation 3- Department’s name 4- Name of the company 5- Its address. Inside address facilitates the right person and right department to where the letter is meant, especially in a large sized company.

Salutation: It is a third important part of the letter. It is words of greeting. It must include the word ‘dear’ followed by the name of the addressee. If the name is unknown, the designation or sir, or madam my be used. The following are the specimens of salutation. Dear Mr. Ahmed Dear Miss Salma Dear sir Dear Manager after salutation, a comma, colon, or no punctuation is used.

Body / Text:
The text of the business letter follows salutation. It is the main part of the letter in which the message is delivered. It is a core part without which letter has no meaning. The text must be complete, to the point, and clearly meaningful. Long messages should be avoided.

It is placed on the second line below the last line of the text. The close closing should coincide with the level of formality in the salutation The following standard closing are listed in order of increasing formality. Regards sincerely yours Best wishes yours truly Cordially yours respectfully Sincerely cordially yours On the fourth line complimentary words name of the sender is written. Signature is written on the space between the complimentary words and the name. Below the name is written designation. The following is the specimen of complimentary close. Yours truly, -sd- M.A. Ahmed Manager Typists initial: Two lines below the complimentary close follows the typists and sender’s initials. RS:PB RS stands for Raees Sheikh who is the sender, and PB stand for Peer Bux who is the typist.

Special part of the business letters:

Attention line; Attention line focuses on a particular person to whom the letter should reach. It is written between inside address and salutation. 

Subject Line: To facilitate the reader to immediately know the topic of the letter a subject line is given below attention line, and between inside address and salutation. Subject line may also follow the salutation.

KINDS OF BUSINESS LETTERS: Business letters may be classified as follows. 
1- Sales letters 
2- Inquiry letters 
3- Order letters 
4- Reminders 
5- Claim or complaint letters 
6- Announcement letters (circular) 
7- Letters of applications (job letters) 
8- Official letters 

1- Sales Letters: These letters are written to prospective customers introducing the company goods and services. The company tries to convince and persuade the customer that the product will yield maximum benefit and satisfaction for the money he spends on it. In the letter, quality, price, durability, status, guarantee, easy accessibility and availability, spare parts, and the like are taken up as motivating factors. Sales letters are of two types: 1. Unsolicited sales letters 2. Solicited sales letters

2- Inquiry letters: Business requires different types of information about products, candidates for the job, and status character of credit customers and borrowers. As such inquiry letters may be classified as follows:
i- Inquiry about products 
ii- Inquiry of candidates for the job 
iii- Inquiry about the status of credit customers or borrowers

3- Indent / order letters: Through such letters the company sends its order for buying merchandise or other goods and services. They contain such information as name of the product, price, quality, quantity, brand, and mode of delivery, packing, and the like. These letters are written following inquiry letters. 

4- Reminders: There are times when business fail to send the ordered goods, make payments, or answer an inquiry on time, in such a case, it is sent letters known as reminders or dunning letters. Sometimes more than one letters are sent

5- Claim or Complaint letters: A complaint arises when goods are not in accordance with the sales agreement, delivery is delayed, due payment has not been made or an enquiry has not been answered. On the ground of a complaint a remedy is sought reffered to as a claim. The aggrieved party may suggest one or more of the following remedies. 1- Refund of money 2- Repairs free of charge 3- Replacements of goods 4- A new shipment of the right product 5- Concession on the invoice amount 6- Correction on the bill or invoice

6-Announcement letters (circular): They carry a common message to various and sundry parties. The message of common interest to all receivers of the circular may include the following: i- The establishment or invitation of a new business. ii- Opening of a new branch. iii- Change in address or premises. iv- Introduction of a new commodity, product, or service. v- Admission of a new partner or director. vi- Retirement of a partner or director. vii- Appointment or removal of an agent. viii- Amalgamation or merger of businesses. ix- Reduction or increase in price. x- Power of procurement given. xi- Death of a partner, director, or key manager. 7- Letters of applications (job letters): Job letters are written by candidate to the prospective employers. Through them he offers his services mentioning his education, experience, age, potentials, and other bio data. The language of the application should be pain, original, and convincing and avoid trite terms and phrases and jargons. 1. Name 8. Marital status 2. Father’s name 9. education 3. Address 10. Experience 4. Place of birth 11. Extracurricular activities 5. Date of birth 12. References 6. Domicile 7. Nationality

8- Official Letters:
Official letters may be referring to in two meanings. Office or formal letters Government letters

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