Short Questions Answers of The Prisoner of Zenda ~Drama Novel Prisoner of Zenda

Short Questions Answers of The Prisoner of Zenda. ~Drama Novel Prisoner of Zenda


Question 1)Tell in your own words how the first meeting came off between the two distant cousins?

Answer)Rudolf leaves the inn one day as he is given an opportunity to stay at Jahan’s sister at Strelsau. Instead of going, he decides to walk through the forest and have a look at the castle of Zenda. He sits down in the forest to have some rest as well as smoke a cigar. After smoking his cigar, he unintentionally falls asleep. Shouts and sound of laughter wake him up. On opening his eyes, he sees two men standing near him. They are Fritz Von Tarlenheim and Colonel Sapt. They tell him that he looks exactly like their king except that he has a beard. At that moment King Rudolf appears. Rassendyll greatly surprises to see king Rudolf in the forest of Zenda. He gives a cry when he finds that Rudolf is just like him. Rudolf’s face and appearance are quite like his own. Rudolf’s height appears to be slightly less than his. Rassendyll bows respectfully before the king. In a happy mood, the King invites Rassendyll to have a dinner with him. At dinner, the King takes drugged wine sent to him by his half brother, Michael. He becomes unconscious. Thus it becomes a serious problem being the fixed day of the coronation ceremony. Anyhow, Col. Sapt and Captain Fritz request Rassendyll to have off his beard and impersonate the king just to save the kingdom of Ruritania. He agrees to do so, he acts very tactfully. By this way, the meeting of the two distant cousins proves fruitful.

Question 2)Describe the measure adopted to frustrate the plot against the King.

Answer)Sapt and Fritz were two zealous upholders of Rudolf Elphberg’s succession to the throne of Ruritania. Michael had succeeded in giving the King drugged wine and unconscious King could neither attend the coronation nor be present before the large number of people who had assembled in Strelsau to witness his coronation. Through arguments, Sapt succeeded in persuading Rudolf to shave off his beard and appeared at the contention in place of Rudolf Elphberg. He would attend the coronation and be crowned as the King. The real King was to be left behind in the cellar and Joseph, a trustworthy servant was entrusted with duty of looking after him. There plan was to go to Strelsau, where Rassendyll would be crowned that very evening. Sapt would come back to the lodge and take the real King away to Strelsau and Rudolf Rassendyll would be secretly taken to the frontier and packed off to England his home. Having this plan before them, the three took the train for Strelsau.

Question 3)How did Black Michael kidnap the King? What precaution did he take to keep him safely imprisoned?

Answer)Duke Michael kidnapped the king. He wanted that the king could not reach at the place, of coronation in time. He gave him drugged wine, the king became senseless and he kidnapped him. Afterwards Michael’s men killed Josef and kidnapped the king. Michael imprisoned the king in a small room in his old castle at Zenda. This room had only one window near the surface of the moat. This moat was full of water to stop anyone trying to reach the king’s room. There was only one entrance to this room from an inner room. Three strong men Michael were always on guard. There was large pipe going the window of the king’s room to the moat. Michael had ordered his strong men to kill the king if they were attacked. Then they had to throw his body into the moat through the pipe. They could run away from the place through the same pipe.

Question 4)Give an account of the coronation and describe Rassendyll’s behavior at it.

Answer)After Josef has shaved off Rassendyll’s beard he wears the king’s dress. Rassendyll reaches the church for the coronation in procession. A richly dressed priest stands ready to receive him. Princess Flavia and Black Michael are also present among the dignified persons. Michael grows pale and his helmet falls off his head to see Rassendyll appear as the king. Michael never expects that King could be there. The high priest performs the ceremony of applying crown to his head. Rassendyll stands up, stretches his hands and takes the crown from the priest’s hand. He places the crown on his head, he takes the oath of the king. Then he performs the last ceremony (The Holy Sacrament) before all the persons. There is grand music once again. It is then loudly declared that Rudolf the fifth has become the king. Thus ends the coronation. Rudolf has become such a successful understudy; none is able to detect the personating. Though Flavia notices the behavior of the King has undergone a change, but she considers this to be the result of coronation and the assumption of authority and responsibility. Apparently, things go on smoothly and the fraud would be a grand and easy success if the real King was taken captive by Michael.

Question 5)Why were Col. Sapt and Rassendyll so anxious to leave for Zenda? Describe the dangers they faced.

Answer)Cot. Sapt and Rassendyll wanted to save the life of King Rudolf. They had left him at the shooting lodge in the forest of Zenda After the coronation they were very anxious to reach back quickly. Sapt and Rassendyll secretary left Strelsau for Zenda at night. Once on their way they heard two horsemen coming behind them. Rassendyll and Sapt hid themselves behind some trees. They were Michael and Max Holf. After talking sometimes they started again towards castle of Zenda. Rassendyll and Sapt rode fast towards Shooting Lodge. There they found handkerchief with which they had earlier tied the old woman. They searched for the king in the small rooms there. They found blood stains in one of them. They found Josef’s dead body there. But the king was not there in any of them. Rassendyll and Sapt came out. They heard some horsemen coming to the lode. These horsemen were Michael’s men, sent by him to bring Josef’s dead body. Rassendyll and Sapt rushed on their horses towards those men. The killed a couple of them and returned to Strelsau.

Question 6)Who arranged the ball and why? And what was the outcome of that arrangement?

Answer)Rassendyll and Sapt came to know about the discontent which was spreading among the people of Strelsau. The reason was that the common people, who dearly loved Princess Flavia, wanted the marriage of the King and Flavia should be solemnized early. The people feared that the King was not showing due respect and regard to Flavia and some of them had begun to show a learning in favor of Michael and see the Princess married to the Duke. Sapt and Fritz had then arranged a public ball to be given by the King to honor of Flavia. They advised Rassendyll to make a great show of his love for Princess and make it clear to the guests that he was deeply in love with her. The proposed ball was held and proved to be a great success. Princess expressed real love for Rassendyll for the first time in her life. The people were pleased and became assured of their forthcoming marriage.

Question 7)What do you know of the invitation of Lady “A” and Rudolf’s meeting with her?

Answer)One day a letter of invitation at the Summer House arrives for the King. Rudolf presumes that the letter is from Antoinette de Mauban. Sapt says that a trap and warns him to be careful and avoid falling into a trap laid by Michael. The letter has said that she has valuable information and is much concerned about the marriage of Michael with Flavia. Rassendyll decides to go as he has hoped to get some valuable information. He meets de Mauban in the Summer House and she frankly tells that the latter is written by the order of Michael and soon three men would come and murder him. She advises him to leave the place at once and avoids meeting Michael’s men. She says that she is in love with Michael and for this reason she cannot see him marry Princess Flavia. Moreover, she says that once Rudolf is killed, his body will be taken to a low quarter of the town. It will be found there. Michael will arrest the King’s friends. Soon after that the real king will be murdered and Michael will eventually become King or be able to marry Princess.

Question 8)Briefly narrate the “Tea Table Incident”. Or Describe Rudolf’s encounter with armed men during his meeting with de Mauban.

Answer)When the Duke’s men, led by Detchard, arrive at the Summer House, they claim admittance to the room where Rassendyll and de Mauban are having their meeting. Detchard offers Rassendyll fifty thousand pounds English and promises him safe conduct to the frontier. The only condition laid down by him is to go away from Ruritania. Rudolf proves too clever for the game being played. He knows Detchard and his men are trying to gain easy admittance after which they want to kill him. Rudolf discusses for sometimes the offer made by Detchard and expresses his agreement. When the door is opened, Detchard and his men rush at him. However, he is ready to meet their attack and charges at them holding in his hands an iron topped table. Rassendyll, using an iron tea table, escapes unhurt. They start firing at him, but the bullets hit the iron top of the table and glances off. He wounds Detchard with a pistol and climbs the wall and descends on the other side with the help of the ladder, de Mauban has already told.

Question 9)Give an account of Rupert’s attempt on Rassendyll life at Tarienheim?

Answer)Rassendyll’s Sapt and Fritz and ten reliable persons with them went to the chateau of Tarienheim The owners of the chateau were a relation of fritz. This chateau was only five miles away from Zenda. An hour after Rassendyll’s arrival, three of the size strong men of Michael came to meet him. In the evening Rassendyll visited the inn where he had stayed of his first arrival at Zenda. He fixed his meeting with John, Michael’s servant outside with the help of the girl Johan wishe to marry. Reaching the chateau he learned that one of hi ten gentlemen, Bernenstein, had been wounded by Michael’s man. The next morning Rupert Hentazu had an interview with Rassendyll the ground of the chateau of Tarienheim. Rupert said that Michael would pay Rassendyll a million crown if he left Ruritania. Rassendyll at once refused the offer. Then they talked about the imprisoned king and princess Flavia for some time. Rupert mounted his horse and hit Rassendyll with his dagger. Rassendyll was wounded on his shoulder. Rassendyll’s friends were only thirty yards away from him. They ran to kill Rupert. They fired their revolvers at him. But he ran away on his horse.

Question 10)What was the Jacob’s ladder? Give an account of the first attempt of Rassendyll at it?

Answer)The king of Ruritania was imprisoned in the castle of Zenda. The Duke Michael had connected the king’s room to the moat through a big pipe. This pipe was of earthen ware. It was so large that a man could easily slip through it from the room to the moat. It was called by Rupert as Jacob’s ladder. The Duke had ordered the guards that whenever an attempt was made to liberate the king, they should kill him, tie a weight to his body and throw it through the pipe down into the moat. The murderers could also escape through the Jacob’s ladder similarly. Rassendyll got full information from Johann about the king’s room. When Rassendyll, Sapt and Fritz took three soldiers and went towards the castle. Swimming across it, he went up to the earthen pipe. Near the pipe Max Holf, elder brother of Jahan, was on duty. To avoid detection Rassendyll killed that man with a knife. Through the hole in the pipe, he was able to hear the conversation between Detchard and the King. The voice of King was feeble and faint and he appeared to be leading wretched life. Rudolf then swam back to his friends. Just then they had a fight with Rupert, Lauengram and Krafstein. In the fight, two Rassendyll’s party men and two of Micheal’s trusted followers, Krafstein and Lauengram, were killed. The matter was complicated when people came to know the death of men. The government covered up the matter by giving out that they had been killed in private quarrel. Moreover, duels were banned and made punishable under the law by Rassendyll.

Question 11)How did the police misgivings about the prisoner of Zenda complicate the matter?

Answer)Once the Perfect of police came to Zenda and told Rassendyll that he was in search of a man who had come from England to France and later to Ruritania. The whereabouts of that man were not traceable then and British Ambassador was keen that the man might be traced and found out. This was very irritating piece of news for Rassendyll. He knew that if he was traced out by the police, it would not be possible for him to keep playing the game in the interests of the King of Ruritania. The Perfect of police had been able to get information from George Featherly that the young man he was searching for had come to Ruritania by the same train which had brought Madame de Mauban. The Perfect of police feared that Rassendyll had been captured in the castle of Zenda out of jealousy by Micheal. Rassendyll met the challenge by using his authority, ordered the Perfect to go back to Strelsau and took the matter in his hand.

Question 12)How did Rassendyll liberate the real king from the prison?

Answer)Rassendyll made a final attempt to liberate the King from the cell. He took Madame De Mauban in his confidence. According to scheme Rassendyll swam across the moat. He hid near the pipe-coming out of the window of the king’s room. The drawbridge was over the moat. A light was burning in Michael’s room. Madame De Mauban and Rupert were there. Detchard, one of the strong men of Michael, entered the king’s room to kill him. He killed the king’s doctor, who resisted him. Soon Rassendyll also entered the King’s room.There he had a fierce fight with Detchard whom he ultimately killed. Rassendyll came of the king’s room. Rupert was standing on the bridge keeping Michael’s servants away. De Mauban also appeared there. She fired at Rupert. The shot misses and he jumped into the most and swam away. Sapt and Fitz had already entered the castle. The castle was then in the hands of Rassendyll and his companions. They saved the lives of the king and De Mauban.

Question 13)Give an account of Rupert’s escape from Zenda?

Answer)As soon as Rassendyll had saved the king in the castle of Zenda he at once came out. He found Rupert standing on the bridge and threatening Michael’s servants with his arms not to come to him. Madame de Mauban appeared on the other side of the bridge. She fired at Rupert with her revolver. Her shot missed him. Rupert jumped into the moat and swam away. Rassendyll also jumped into the moat and swam after Rupert. He had a wounded arm so he could not easily reach Rupert. Rupert found the rope lied to the bank of the moat, earlier left by Rassendyll. He took hold of it and climbed to the bank. He stood there with his sword. Rassendyll also reached the rope but was afraid of reaching the bank. The Rupert stood ready to kill him, and Rassendyll climbed to the bank. He saw Rupert running towards the forest. Rassendyll started running after Rupert. But Rupert was quite ahead of him. In the way Rupert found a girl on her horse. He took horse from girl. He rode it and began to come towards Rassendyll. The talked angrily for some time and then there was a fight between them. Rassendyll attacked him first with his sword. But his attack missed him. Then Rupert attacked him and pushed him back. Rassendyll wounded. Then Rassendyll sat down expecting an attack. Rupert could have killed him, but just then Fritz, Rassendyll’s friend appeared there on the horse. He had a revolver. Rupert saw him. Then saying "Good bye" he started running away, Fritz fired at him but his short missed him. Rupert rode away into the forest and disappeared.

Question 14)How did Flavia know the true identity of Rudolf Rassendyll?

Answer)When Rassendyll had rescued the King, Sapt had to make the real King take place of Rassendyll and put out a story which would explain the events of the fight without disclosing the fact Rassendyll had been posing as the King since the day of the coronation. The story was put out that Michael had imprisoned a friend of King. He was killed, and the King was gravely wounded when the King went to rescue his friend. However, Flavia insisted on seeing the King at once. She was riding to the castle just when Rassendyll had reached the edge of the forest by the road to the castle. The farm girl, seeing Rassendyll and believing him to be the King, ran to Princess saying that the King was wounded and lying in the nearby bushes. Sapt did not wish her to go as he knew well that the man lying there was Rassendyll. Princess along with Sapt walked up to him. First Sapt told her that he was not the king. Then Rassendyll himself said that he was not the king, thus she came to know the truth about Rassendyll. Flavia was shocked to find that her lover was not the king. She had loved him from the core of heart. She felt so sad and fainted.

Q15. Elaborate the chapter "If Love Were All".

 If Love Were All:

Answer)In this chapter, Rudolf Rassendyll was present in the castle of Zenda. He paid a short visit to the ailing king who was still in under treatment. He was waiting for his companions to arrive on the scene so that the king might be taken to safety. Just then the king’s party arrived at the scene and made necessary preparations to rescue the king. They succeeded in taking away the unconscious king. Rassendyll had fainted on account of his wounds and knew nothing of what was happening. Captain Fritz made an arrangement of meeting between Rudolf Rassendyll and Princess Flavia. Princess Flavia showed her great affection and love to Rassendyll. She said;

"Honour binds a woman too, Rudolf. My honour lies in being true to my country and my house. I don’t know why God had let me love you; but I know that I must stay!"

"Your ring will always be on my finger your heart, in my heart. But you must go and I must stay. Perhaps I must do what it kills me to think of doing".

Answer)Thus in their short meeting, both Rudolf Rassendyll and Princess Flavia agreed that they must sacrifice their love for the people of Ruritania. After that short meeting with Princess Flavia, Rudolf Rassendyll went towards the station with Sapt and Fritz. Both Sapt and Fritz said good bye to Rassendyll with great affection.

Question 16).Show how Flavia sacrifices love and ambition to duty and honor.

Answer)Rassendyll was staying at the castle of Zenda after saving the King. Princes Flavia had also reached there. Rassendyll went into Princess Flavia’s room. Flavia said that she had a duty to her country and to her royal family. She loved Rassendyll but she could not live with him. Rassendyll had to leave for England and Flavia had to stay in Ruritania to be named to King Rudolf. Rassendyll was sad to hear Flavia’s words. He said he would keep her ring and would continue to love her. He wished her every comfort. Flavia decided not to marry Rassendyll because she was loyal to her people of country and the king. She sacrificed love to duty. She took the right step at the right moment. Her marriage to King Rudolf was quite necessary to keep the people satisfied and peaceful.

Question 17)Heaven does not always make the right men kings!" said Fritz. Do you think Rassendyll deserves to be the king of Ruritania? If so, why?

Answer)In his role as the king, Rudolf Rassendyll is far more impressive than the real king Rudolf Elphberg. He carries out his duties as a king majestically and tactfully without revealing his true identity. People love him and none cares to find out whether he is the real king or not. Within few days he makes for himself a place in their hearts. On considering his qualities Colonel Sapt, Fritz and Marshall like him and they want that he would work as the King but they all are loyal to their state. Due to best qualities of Rudolf Rassendyll, he deserves to be the King of Ruritania.

Question 18)Colonel Sapt’s Wisdom made it impossible for Black Michael to get the throne of the Ruritania Elucidate.

Answer)Colonel Sapt is an old and experienced man. He is a brave man. He has got a highly fertile and productive mind. Most of the scheme and plots for the safety of real king in the novel are the creation of his mind. He possesses a very sharp mind. He encounters difficult situation with wisdom of an old man. He makes quick decision on all occasion and saves Rassendyll from danger and helps in rescuing the real king. Hence we can say that Colonel Sapt’s wisdom makes it impossible for Black Michael to get the throne of Ruritania. Sapt is a faithful servant. He always tries for the betterment of the king. He admits that Rassendyll is a better man to rule over the country, but he does not let him even stay in the country after the freedom of the king.

Question 19)Johan plays a vital role in the plot of the novel. Refute or justify your answer briefly.

Answer)Throughout the novel the character of Johan has served well to Rassendylls party. From him they learn about the King who is kept a close prisoner in the castle of Zenda. He also tells them about the arrangements for keeping an efficient watch on him. Michael has told his Six not to take any risks in the matter. In addition to, the castle is surrounded by a water filled moat. The King’s cell has a window and is placed in the water of the moat. Furthermore, Michael has instructed his men to kill the King and throw it into the water through the big earthen pipe named Jacob’s ladder among ruffians. Later, he becomes a messenger of Rudolf and de Mauban. Through Johann Rudolf is able to communicate with de Mauban and directs her to do as she is told. Johan is also directed to open the main gate at 2 o’clock so that Sapt’s party can execute their role. In short, Johan can rightly be called as a bridge for Rassendyll and his company to rescue the King.

Question 20)Explain how the novel progresses because both Michael and Rassendyll cannot tell others about each other?

Answer)Michael wants to become king. That is why he has tried to keep the King Rudolf away from the coronation. Now Rassendyll knows everything that he has done to the King. It is before Rassendyll that the king has taken the drugged wine sent by Michael. When the king becomes unconscious, Rassendyll begins impersonating him and goes to the coronation in his place. No doubt Michael is shocked to see Rassendyll impersonating the king at the coronation. Though he wants to, but he cannot open his mouth about Rassendyll’s impersonation; he knows that if he does so Rassendyll will tell all his secrets to the People. On his part, Rassendyll does not and cannot tell others about Michael’s secrets, he knows that it he does so, Michael will at once has King Rudolf kill. Michael has imprisoned the king in the cast at Zenda. Thus, the novel progresses because Michael and Rassendyll must be silent before the people about each other.

Question 21)Antoinette de Mauban betrayed Black Michael rightly. Discuss.

Answer)Antoinette de Mauban is a widow, rich and ambitious. She is a graceful, fashionably dressed French lady. She is educated and sophisticated lady and moves in the highest circle of the Paris society. She has no political interest but her ambition to win Black Michael, involves her completely in the intrigues and the counter intrigues. She has come to strelsau to safeguard her own interest. She loves Black Michael above her head and soul but she knows very well the intention of Black Michael, who wants to get married to Princess and be the king of Ruritania. She clearly tells Rudolf Rassendyll:

"Say, I am Christian or say I am jealous.

May God shall I see him marry her".

Madam de Mauban has great courage, determination and will power but participation in the struggle for succession is based upon personal aims and motives, when she sees that Black Michael is neglecting her then she betrays him and tells everything about his devilish plot to Rassendyll and Flavia.

Question 22)Between Black Michael and Rupert of Hentzau which character strikes you as more devilish? Give reasons.

Answer)Black Michael is more devilish character than Rupert of Hentzau in Anthony Hope’s novel "The Prisoner of Zenda". Rupert of Hentzau is a leading member of Black Michael gang of ruffians but he holds a unique position between the forces of good and evil. He is very ambitious. He kills Black Michael only to get Mauban. He is fond of wine and women. He is very sharp both at his tongue and sword. Black Michael is by nature a schemer, and all the time his mind remains busy in making plots for establishing his right to the throne. He invites the king to his forest lodge and imprisons him. He is a cruel man. He makes several plots to kill Rassendyll at Summer House, at the palace of Princess Flavia and at many other places. He is a traitor because he wants to capture the throne of Ruritania. He is not a courageous man. He never tries himself to kill the enemy. He always sends his six villains "The hired guns” to deal with his enemies. He is also lustful towards the women. He promises Mauban to marry her. But now, he is after Flavia only to get the throne. He imprisons the poor widow. He is extremely selfish, cunning and ambitious. Rupert of Hentzau only takes pride on his strength but Black Michael makes scheme to deal with his enemies so he is more devilish and hateful character. We begin to hate him as soon as his evil nature is exposed to us and our hatred is intensified with the advancement of the story. When he is killed, we do not feel any sympathy for him. He is rightly punished for his wickedness.

Question 23)De Mauban played a very significant role in the novel "The Prisoner of Zenda", Comment.

Answer)Madam De Mauban is a widow, rich, handsome and ambitious. She is a graceful, fashionably dressed French lady. She has no political interest but her ambitions to fascinate Black Michael, involves her completely in the intrigues and the counter intrigues. Black Michael compels her to write a letter to Rudolf Rassendyll and invites him alone in the Summer House. He deputes three ruffians to kill him there. De Mauban saves Rudolf Rassendyll from this devilish scheme of Michael. She loves Black Michael but she helps Rudolf Rassendyll. She is shifted to the castle of Zenda along with Black Michael. The Duke decides to invite Princess Flavia in order to trap her there. She immediately writes a letter to Princess Flavia and informs her and forbids her to accept the invitation of Black Michael. She sends a message to Rudolf Rassendyll through Johann to rescue her. She is also assigned a great role to be played in the final plan of attack. Thus Madam De Mauban helps Princess Flavia and Rudolf Rassendyll in order to save the real king of Ruritania.

Question 24)"Prisoner of Zenda" is a tale of romance and adventure? Discuss.

Answer)The story of the novel "The Prisoner of Zenda" is based on adventure and romance. A young man of rich family of England comes to visit Ruritania where he meets with the future King of Ruritania. The king invites him at the dinner a party in his honor and drinks a lot of wine and falls asleep. Rassendyll who resembles in feature with the king under takes the assignment to attend the coronation ceremony in place of Elphberg. The King is imprisoned and his supporters want to free him. For Rassendyll it is an adventure to bring the real King back to the throne. On the other hand this is also a story of romance. Flavia, the princess of Ruritania is the symbol of romance in the novel. She is lonely and gentle soul who is loved dearly by the people of Ruritania. She deeply falls in love with Rudolf Rassendyll. Similarly Madam Mauban is in love with Black Michael and countess Helga is beloved of Fritz. In this sense it can be said that "The Prisoner of Zenda" is a story of adventure and romance.

Question 25)Bring out the points of resemblance and difference between Rudolf, Rassendyll and King Rudolf?

Answer)Points of Resemblance:

The name "Rudolf" was common to them both. Both had dark red hair. Their noses were long. Their faces quite resembled each other. Their bodies were strong. On the whole they physically resembled each other much. No one could find out their differences easily. When Rassendyll wore the King’s clothes and went to Strelsau everyone was deceived. At the coronation and on other occasions Rassendyll was taken as the king. Both Rassendyll and king Rudolf were young men. They had strong passions of love. Both of them had descended from the same King of Ruritania.

Points of Differences:

Rassendyll was slightly taller than King Rudolf. He had a beard and moustaches on. Rassendyll did not take so much wine as Elphberg did. Thus Elphberg was not, as active as Rassendyll. He was also very careless. Rassendyll was not careless or foolish like him. His face was slightly thinner and more serious than that of Elphberg. Rassendyll invited dangerous and faced them boldly at the cost of his own life. Elphberg was rather lazy, dull and weak. That is why perhaps princess Flavia liked Rassendyll more than King Rudolf.


Question 1)Write about the protagonist in the story. Give reasons for your answer.

Answer)Rudolf Rassendyl is the hero and central character of the novel. He is a handsome young man of 29 who is an excellent swordsman and besides English; he can speak German and French perfectly. His physical appearance bears striking resemblance to that of the real king, King Rudolf V. He is a sincere, responsible and good mastermind who handles difficult situations sensibly. This can be seen when he carries out his responsibilities with firmness and confidence. He dares to risk his own life in order to save King Rudolf V from his kidnappers by impersonating him. However, he never tries to take undue advantage as a pretender and realizes that it is his duty to restore the king to his rightful throne. He is unquestionably brave when he manages to kill three of the “Famous Six”. The romantic aspect of Rudolf’s personality shows that he is a selfless man. Rudolf sacrifices his love for Princess Flavia for the sake of duty and leaves Ruritania with tears of regret in the eyes of Princess Flavia, and words of gratitude on the king’s lips. Therefore, based on his admirable characteristics, undeniably Rudolf is the most outstanding character in the story.

Question 2)Write about the character that you admire. Give reasons.

Answer)The person whom I admire in the novel The Prisoner of Zenda is Rudolf Rassendyll. He is a man of honor despite his carefree lifestyle. He puts the needs of others before his own. Although he can easily, leaves the King die and he remains as King so that he can marry Princess Flavia, but he does not do so. Instead, he does the honorable thing and willingly sacrifices his love for the sake of the King and the country. He is also a humble man, as he never mentions his sacrifice to his family.

Question 3)Write about a female character that you admire. Give reasons for your choice.

Answer)In the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda”, I think Princess Flavia is the most outstanding female character. She is a captivating, kind-hearted and wise lady who possesses a character full of virtues and commands great respect and admiration among the people of Ruritania. They wish to see her as the future queen of the country. Her wisdom keeps her aware of the evil desires of Black Michael. She very intelligently keeps herself away from all sorts of intrigues and warns Rudolf of Black Michael’s treacherous plan to overtake the throne. Moreover, she is also a responsible lady and loyal to her country and knows the difference between love and duty. She sets an example of the greatest sacrifice by giving up her love for the sake of duty. Princess Flavia proves to be a complete symbol of love, beauty and sacrifice, which makes her an admirable character.

Question 4).Write about a character that you think is loyal and helpful. Give reasons for your choice.

Answer)Colonel Sapt is one of the greatest characters in the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda”. He is an experienced military man, faithful and one of the loyal followers and personal attendants of King Rudolf V. It is he who thinks of the plan to have Rudolf Rassendyll takes the king’s place for his one desire in life is to see his master on the throne. He is never swept away by his emotions and always avoids taking hasty, irrational decisions.

He is extremely devoted in his job as a sober advisor to Rudolf and Fritz. He always remains by the side of Rudolf, and always gives full guidance and support to Rudolf from the coronation to the final clash with the villain’s gang. He accompanies Rudolf to the Summer House, and remains alert and vigilant in case any harm come to him. He is indeed an embodiment (personification) of truth, loyalty, dedication, sincerity, wisdom and co-operation.

Question 5). Write about a character you think suffers a lot. Give reasons for your choice.

Answer)The novel, The Prisoner of Zenda” is about the events surrounding the coronation of the King of Ruritania. In this story, the character who suffers the most is King Rudolf V. His brother, Duke Michael who wants to take over the throne, imprisons the King in the Prison of Zenda. There, he is treated badly by Duke Michael. In the process of rescuing him, the King is wounded twice and suffers a lot of pain. However, in the end he was saved by Rudolf Rassendyll.

Question 6)Write about a character that you would like to have as a friend. Give reasons for your choice.

Answer)The character I wish to have as a friend in this novel is Rudolf Rassendyll. He has so many good qualities. Even though he comes to Ruritania as a tourist and hardly knows the King, he willingly risks his life to save the King. He is also honest and honourable as he does not take advantage of Princess Flavia and King Rudolf V. In love, he is a true gentleman and very romantic. He is brave and courageous in his fights against Duke Michael and the Famous Six. Furthermore, he also has a great sense of humor, which makse him a very lovable character.

Question 7)Write about a character that you think is brave. Give reasons for your answer.

Answer)In the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda”, Rudolf Rassendyl is best remembered as the bravest character, because of his courage. Rassendyll makes numerous attempts to rescue the king when he is imprisoned in the Prison of Zenda. He single-handedly is successful in his mission. He is bold enough to declare his true love to Princess Flavia, even though he knows that it is a futile attempt as he is a commoner while she is a true princess. He is also brave enough to confess to her the fact that he is not the true king but only an imposter. He willingly goes to meet Madam de Mauban alone at night at her place even though he knows that it is a trap set by Black Michael. When he successfully manages to kill three of the “famous Six”, his bravery is made more prominent. He is then forced to have a duel with the notorious Rupert of Hentzau. Even though he is unable to kill Rupert and he manages to escape, the act itself shows the brave side of him. So, based on the above-mentioned reasons, no doubt he is a very courageous person.

Question 8)Based on the novel that you have chosen, write about an admirable quality or qualities in one of the characters in the novel.

Answer)What strikes me as admirable in the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda” is the courage of Rudolf Rassendyll. Many times in the story, he puts his life on the line for the King. He agrees with Sapt’s idea of disguising as the King. His life would be in danger if the people of Ruritania and Duke Michael found out that he is an imposter. The punishment would be death for him, Fritz and Sapt. He is also brave enough to face the “Famous Six”, renowned for their skill with the sword and their evil. We again see this brave quality in him when he still goes after Rupert of Hentzau though he is tired and hurt.

Question 9)Write about a character that you think is determined. Give reasons for your choice.

Answer)The character in the “The Prisoner of Zenda” who is determined is Rudolf Rassendyll. In Zenda, he meets King Rudolf V. After he has made up his mind to impersonate the King, he is very determined to save the throne as well as the King. He does this despite knowing that he is endangering his life. Later on, Duke Michael and Rupert of Hentzau tries to kill him. He is wounded, but this does not stop him from rescuing the King from the Castle of Zenda. His determination pays off when the King is saved, the throne is restored to its rightful owner.

Question 10)Write about a character that is perseverance. Give reasons for your answer.

Answer)The character in “The Prisoner of Zenda” who shows perseverance is Rudolf Rassendyll. King Rudolf V cannot attend his own coronation. Rudolf impersonates the King and perseveres to save the throne, even after the King is imprisoned by Duke Michael. He risks his own life to rescue the King by fighting with the King’s enemies and in doing so, is wounded. Despite his wounds, he bravely succeeds to rescue the King who regains his throne.

Question 11)Write about a character that is intelligent. Give reasons for your answer.

Answer)In the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda” one character who is intelligent is Rudolf Rassendyll. He cleverly impersonates King Rudolf V and plays his part very well. No one suspects him as an imposter, not even his own fiancée Princess Flavia. As King, he tries to win the support of the people in the Old Town by riding on the streets. Later, he cleverly plans to rescue the King the castle where he is being kept prisoned. His plan is successfully carried out. The King is saved and his evil brother is killed.

Question 12)Write about the character that you dislike. Give reasons for your answers.

Answer)In the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda” Black Michael is undeniably the most evil character. Throughout the story, he is being described as a selfish, sinful and shameful man who uses others to get to his own ends. He loves Princess Flavia just to get the throne. He is a hypocrite and pretends to love Madam de Mauban where in reality he is just using her. He is also over ambitious and greedy. He makes a plot to get the throne with the aid of his “Famous Six”. He even treats his own brother, King Rudolf V whom he holds captive in the Prisoner of Zenda with cruelty. Besides being wicked, he is also a cool-minded and genius criminal. When he discovers that Rudolf is an imposter, he does not disclose the secret to the public to keep his villainy secret. Towards the end of the story, Black Michael becomes utterly blind for power. However, unfortunately for him, his lust for power corrupts him and brings his decline, whereby he meets his death in the hand of Rupert of Hentzau. Thus, the villain of the story receives a tragic end.

Question 13)Write about the behavior of a character that you do not like. Give reasons for your choice.

Answer)In this story, I dislike the behavior of Rupert of Hentzau. He is the leader of the famous Six, hired by Black Michael to help him in overthrowing his brother King Rudolf V from his throne. He is famous for his evil character and w stops at nothing to kill anyone that he does not like. In this story, he fights and intended to kill Rudolf Rassendyll, the hero of the story but he fails in his mission. In the end of the story, he kills Duke Michael even though he works for him because of Antoinette de Mauban.

Question 14)Write about the character that you consider an unkind. Give reason for your choice.

Answer)The novel is about Duke Michael’s attempts to overtake the throne of Ruritania from his own brother, King Rudolf V. To achieve his ambition, he becomes mean and greedy. Therefore, an unkind character in this story is Duke Michael. He puts his own brother, King Rudolf in prison and tortures him. He even hires “The Famous Six” to help in his plan to kill the King. He is also unkind to Antoinette de Mauban who is in love with him. He uses everybody just to get to his own need. Duke Michael does not show any good qualities.

Question 15).Write about the characters that work together. Give examples of how they work together to support your answers.

Answer)In this story, the two characters that always work together is Rudolf Rassendyll and Colonel Sapt. They work side by side to ensure that the throne of Ruritania is safe from Duke Michael. They help each other very well. When Rassendyll impersonates the King, Colonel Sapt constantly advises him how to behave. They also work closely together to rescue the King from Duke Michael’s castle. If Rassendyll and Colonel Sapt did not work together, King Rudolf would be killed and then surely Black Michael would become the King of Ruritania.

Question 16)How would you like to praise the main character in the novel you have read. Give examples for your answer.

Answer)I would praise Rassendyll for his noble and honorable behavior throughout his stay in Ruritania. His commitment to these values, as well as to courage, truth and integrity sets a good example for everyone. If people chose to be like Rassendyll, they would be helping themselves as well as society in general because these values are the foundation of a peaceful society. I would commend Rassendyll for not giving in to the temptation to let Rupert kills the King so that he could marry Princess Flavia. Rassendyll knows that this would be a dishonorable thing to do. I would praise Rassendyll for his bravery in fighting Duke Michael and Rupert and in rescuing the King


Question 1)Write about an event that you think is important in the story. Give reasons for your choice.

Answer) “The Prisoner of Zenda” tells the story of how the cunning Duke Michael tries to replace his brother as King of Ruritania. An important event in the story is when Rudolf Rassendyll accidentally meets King Rudolf in the forest. This event is important because it is the first time we have found out that Rassendyll and the King Rudolf look alike. This allows Rassendyll to act as King when tKing Rudolf is captured by Duke Michael. If this event had not happened, Duke Michael would have been crowned King of Ruritania.

Question 2)Write about a situation that is tense. Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer)In the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda, there are many tense situations being described. One of them is when Rudolf Rassendyll is hiding in the moat, attempting to rescue King Rudolf for the second time. He is waiting for Johann to open the castle door at 2 o’clock. One of Black Michael’s soldiers, Rupert Hentzau, throws an empty bottle into the moat, and fires at it many times. One of the bullets nearly touches Rudolf’s hair. A few minutes later, Rupert Hentzau enters and swims across the same moat that Rudolf is hiding in. Luckily, he does not discover Rudolf, although they are very close to each other. Rupert Hentzau is a ruthless killer and he could gladly kill Rudolf if he had the chance. Rudolf comes so close to death and at that moment it surely makes the readers very tense and uptight.

Question 3)Write about a happy situation. Give example to support your answer.

Answer)Based on the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda”, one happy occasion Is the night before King Rudolf’s coronation. King Rudolf invites Rudolf Rassendyll, whom he fondly referres to as “his brother”, to dinner. Fritz von Tarlenheim and Colonel Sapt are also present. The dinner is held at the hunting lodge where the King is staying. Rudolf Rassendyll finds the King to be a merry companion. They are all in high spirits. They eat a lot of food, for although it is a simple fare, it is delicious. They also drink a lot wine, talk a lot to each other and even begin to sing. At that very moment, they are all on equal footing even though one of them is a King, the other two his servants and Rudolf is an unknown commoner. They all forget about their own problems and troubles, and just have a good time.

Question 4)Write about an event that makes you happy. Give reasons for your choice.

Answer)The event that I like best in the novel is the rescue of King Rudolf V from his evil brother Duke of Michael. The King is held captive in The Prison of Zenda. Rudolf Rassendyll makes several attempts to rescue the King, whereby in the end he is successful. I like this event because I thought that at least one of the Rudolfs would die in the story, but this did not happen. Even though both of them are hurt in the process of saving the King, the most important thing is both of them come out alive.

Question 5)Write about the episode that is memorable for you. Give evidences from the story.

Answer)An episode, which I find memorable in the story “The Prisoner of Zenda” is when “Rassendyll becomes Rudolf the V”. This is when his own brother drugs the King and Rassendyll is persuaded to take the role of the King. This episode has an element of humor when Rassendyll is awakened by Sapt and Fritz with a bucket of water at five o’clock in the morning. This episode also has suspense because Rassendyll, Sapt and Fritz are to keep the secret of impersonation tight or it will be death for them if their secret is disclosed to the public. The element of love further makes this episode memorable, whereby Rassendyll falls madly in love with Princess Flavia. However, it comes to nothing because they have to part with each other in the end.

Question 6)Write about an event you wish had not happened. Give reasons for your choice.

Answer)There are many events in the story, but the only event I wish had not happened in this story is where Rassendyll kills a guard who is sleeping in a boat. Even though he does this in order to save King Rudolf, it makes him look like a murderer and a coward. This is the only time he acts cowardly. At all other occasions he fights his enemy fairly and with courage. I wish he had not killed the man this way.

Question 7)Write about a sad event. Give example for your answer.

Answer)It is when Rudolf Rassendyll says his farewell to Princess Flavia after King Rudolf has been rescued. The King wants to keep Rudolf with him but Colonel Sapt and Marshall Strakencz do not let him because it was too dangerous. Therefore, Rudolf has to leave Ruritania for good. He is tempted to take Princess Flavia with him, but he knows that it is wrong of him because she is destined to marry the King and to serve her country. Before they part, they express their love for each other and Princess Flavia gives her ring to Rudolf as a token of remembrance. It is really a touching and sad moment because they know that the moment they say good-bye to each other, they will never see each other again.

Question 8)Write about the most exciting part of the novel.

Answer)Based on the story “The Prisoner of Zenda”, the most exciting part of the novel is when Rudolf Rassendyll is outside the old castle. It is late at night. He sees Rupert sneak into the castle. Then he hears screams from Antoinette and the sound of fighting coming from her room. The door of the castle opens and De Gautet appears and the two men fight. Rudolf kills De Gautet, finds the keys on his dead body and enters the castle to rescue the King. He fights with the Duke’s men and kills Bresonin. He finds the King but Detchard tries to stop him from saving the King. Detchard stabs the King with his sword. Before Rudolf can check if the King is alive, he is distracted by cries from the drawbridge. He sees Antoinette shooting at Rupert, but she misses and Rupert escapes.

Question 9)Write about a place in which good things happen. Give reasons for your choice

Answer) “The Prisoner of Zenda” is a novel about how Duke Michael tries to take over the throne from his brother, King Rudolf V. In this novel, many good things happen in the new town. The citizens of Ruritania who live in the new town love and support King Rudolf V. During his coronation they come out and cheer for him. They throw roses to show their love and respect for him.

Question 10)Write about a place where bad things happen. Give reasons for your choice.

Answer)The novel “The Prisoner of Zenda” is a story about problems during the coronation of King Rudolf V. In this novel, many bad things happen in the town of Zenda. Even though Rassendyll describes the countryside and the castle as beautiful places, it is marred with too much violence and sadness. King Rudolf is captured and Is imprisoned by Duke Michael in the Prison of Zenda. There is a lot of fighting and killing in Zenda. Both Rassendyll and King Rudolf V are injured here. Black Michael is also killed in the fight with Rupert of Hentzau. Rassendyll and Princess Flavia also part with each other in Zenda. I think it is not a good place to stay.


Question 1)Based on the novel that you have chosen, write about the moral values from the story. Give examples for your choice.

Answer)Some of the moral values found in the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda” center on the evils of greed especially in the desire for power. The first moral value is “One must not be greedy”. In this story, Black Michael is a symbol of greed. He is after the throne of Ruritania and is willing to go to great extent to fulfill his evil desire. He hires the Famous Six to kill his own brother, King Rudolf V so that he can get the throne. He is also greedy in love. Even though he already has Antoinette de Mauban as his woman, he still wants Princess Flavia as his wife.

The second moral value is “We must help each other”. Rassendyll agrees with the plan to impersonate the King because he feels that it is his duty as a human being to help people in distress. In his mission to save the King, he gets great help from Colonel Sap, Fritz and Antoinette de Mauban. Without these people’s help, the task of rescuing the King would surely be more complicated.

Question 2)Write about a moral value from the story. Give example to support your answer.

Answer)The moral value of the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda” is one should be satisfied with one has and not to be greedy for more power. This value is what is lacking in Duke Michael. He has everything, wealth, position, power, status and the love of a beautiful woman, Antoinette de Mauban. However, he wants something more, the throne and Princess Flavia. Such greed will not bring any good. It will bring ruin and the loss of innocent lives. Black Michael thinks he can buy anybody and kills anybody who stands in his way. In the end, he himself is killed by his own man, Rupert of Hentzau, over a woman he does not want. Such an ending befits such greed and cruelty.

Question 3)Write about the most important lesson that you have learnt. Give example from the novel.

Answer)I have learnt an important lesson from “The Prisoner of Zenda”. It is facing challenges with courage and a sense of adventure. Rassendyll knows the danger of impersonating the King. Yet, he continues doing it to save the throne from Duke Michael. When he is successful in his mission to rescue the King, the King is very grateful to him. Even when he falls very madly in love with Princess Flavia, he knows that it is useless. However, he accepts his fate with courage. If he had not taken the challenge of impersonating the King, he would not have experienced these adventures. I have learnt that we must handle challenges with courage.

Question 4)What do you learn about loyalty in the novel? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer) “The Prisoner of Zenda” has a message of loyalty for its reader. Colonel Sapt shows loyalty to his King. He is the one who suggests to Rudolf to impersonate the King in order to save the throne from Duke Michael. Meanwhile he teaches Rassendyll the duties of a King. Late, he helps Rassendyll to rescue the King from the Zenda Castle. Princess Flavia also shows loyalty to her country and her fiancé. She sacrifices her love for Rassendyll to marry the King even though she does not love him. She realizes that her duty is to the King and her country. Like them, we must also show our loyalty to our leaders and country.

Question 5)What do you learn about determination? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer)In the novel “the Prisoner of Zenda”, Rassendyll is determined to save the King. He pursues the villain Rupert even when he is injured because he is determined to punish Rupert. Rupert has killed Black Michael because he is determined to make Antoinette de Mauban his. Determination can be used to achieve negative as well as positive things. That is why we should think carefully about what we want to do with our lives. We can be noble like Rassendyll or evil like Rupert of Hentzau. Rupert is determined in a selfish and wicked way.

Question 6)Write about the value of courage. Give examples from the novel.

Answer) “The Prisoner of Zenda” brings attention to the value of courage. Rudolf shows great courage in impersonating King Rudolf V. Later, he tries to rescue the King from the castle. He has to fight with the King’s enemies and wounded in doing so. The King is saved and his enemy Duke Michael and his followers are killed. Colonel Sapt and Fritz also display courage in helping Rudolf to rescue the King. Even Antoinette de Mauban shows a good example of courage in helping Rudolf. These characters really portray the value of courage.

Question 7)Based on the novel that you have chosen, write about the value of generosity. Give examples from the story.

Answer) “The Prisoner of Zenda” brings attention to the value of generosity. Rudolf Rassendyll acts generously towards King Rudolf V. He risks his life to rescue the King and even got wounded. King Rudolf and his throne are saved due to his generosity. While he is impersonating the King, he falls in love with the King’s fiancée, Princess Flavia. She also loves him. However, they act generously by sacrificing their love for the sake of the country and her duty. Both of them show their generosity by not being selfish.


Question 1)Based on the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda”, write about two major themes of the story. Give examples for your answer.

Answer)The two major themes of the story are personal honor and public duty; and crime and punishment.

Personal Honor and Public Duty

Rassendyll, after impersonating the King could have taken over the throne by letting the King be killed by his brother, Duke Michael. He could also have taken the steps to marry Princess Flavia, whom he had come to love so passionately. Rassendyl’s sense of personal honour and public duty was so great that immediately after saving the King and his throne, he left Princess Flavia and Ruritania for good.

Crime and Punishment.

The fate of the evil Black Michael brings us to the important theme of crime and punishment. When a serious crime has been committed, the one who is directly responsible for it will eventually be punished, in one way or the other. This is true when Duke Michael met his death at the hand of Rupert of Hentzau, his own hired man.


Theme of Loyalty

In the story “The Prisoner of Zenda”, we find the theme of loyalty throughout the whole novel. At the beginning of the novel, we see how Colonel Sapt, in his loyalty to the King, suggests to Rassendyll the idea of disguising as the King so that Black Michael will not take the King’s place. Later, we read how Rassendyll, Sapt and Fritz risk their lives to save the King from the castle. At the end of the story, the King takes his rightful place on the throne because of the loyalty of these three men.


One theme from the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda” is the honor must come first before love. Rudolf Rassendyll has shown loyalty when he puts the honor of defending the throne of Ruritania before his love for Princess Flavia. He has never taken advantage of his position to win the love of the Princess. He knows his first duty is to save the King and restore justice. In doing so, he knows that he cannot be with Princess Flavia, but he fights on. The theme is still relevant today. Honor must come first before personal love, especially in situations where justice needs to be upheld and the fate of a nation is at stake.


The theme of courage is well portrayed in “The Prisoner of Zenda”. Rassendyll shows great courage in impersonating King Rudolf V although he knows it is dangerous. Later, he makes attempts to rescue the King from the clutches of his younger brother, Duke Michael. He has to fight with the members of the “Famous Six”. Even though he is wounded, he is satisfied with himself because he manages to save the King. Without Rassendyll’s courage, the King might lose his throne and Duke Michael would probably be the new King of Ruritania and marry his fiancée, Princess Flavia.


The theme of kindness and compassion is well portrayed in “The Prisoner of Zenda”. Rassendyll, Colonel Sapt and Fritz show compassion to King Rudolf V. When the King Is imprisoned by Duke Michael, all the three of them make plans and attempts to rescue him. This is done at risk of death. They have no choice but to proceed with the plan because if they did not do so, the King would surely die. The throne would then fall into the evil hands of Duke Michael. Due to their kindness and compassion, everything is saved and things are back to normal again.


The theme of survival is well portrayed in “The Prisoner of Zenda”. King Rudolf Is kept prisoner in the castle by his half brother Duke Michael. However, as long as Rudolf Rassendyll impersonates the King, the King’s life is spared. Knowing this, Rassendyll continues to be the imposter. Rassendyll shows strong survival skills by playing his role well even though he faces countless hardships. Any wrong move means death. He later fights with the King’s enemies and manages to rescue the King.


In the novel The Prisoner of Zenda, we have the theme of good against evil. There is a struggle for power between King Rudolf V and Duke Michael who are brothers. King Rudolf is the rightful ruler of Ruritania but Duke Michael wants to be King. Duke Michael’s greed for power pushes him to kill his brother so that he can take over the throne. Duke Michael sends the King a bottle of drugged wine so that the King cannot attend his coronation. Later, Josef is killed and the King is captured and imprisoned by Duke Michael. Duke Michael even tries to buy off Rassendyll with a hundred thousand pounds to leave Ruritania. In the end, good triumphs over evil as Duke Michael dies and King Rudolf is saved.


Question 1)Compare and contrast two characters from the novel ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’. Give evidence from the story to support your answer.

Answer)In the novel ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ by Anthony Hope, I would choose to compare Rudolf Rassendyll and Duke Michael. Both Rassendyll and Duke Michael are brave men, but Rassendyll has shown his courage positively to fight for the King and the country. He risks and sacrifices his life without even caring for himself in order to save the King. He is a loyal, responsible and honorable man. Knowing that he has to return the throne to the rightful King, he does not act out of selfishness and greed. He even sacrifices his love for Princess Flavia and gives her up for the sake of her duty and responsibility to Ruritania.

Duke Michael on the other hand is an evil man. He is blinded by greed and he wants to possess not only the throne, but also Princess Flavia. He acts out harshly out of hatred and stoops low enough even to kidnap his own brother, King Rudolf V. He betrays not only his family but also his country and is even ready to have the King killed in order for him to be crowned as the King of Ruritania. In the end, he was killed by his own greed.

This novel allows me to see the differences between the values and nature of two men from a very clear aspect. I have been able to distinguish the two characters and see the good and bad sides of them.

Question 2)Compare and contrast two characters from the novel ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ based on the theme ‘love’. Support your answer with evidence from the novel.

Answer)I choose to compare Rudolf Rassendyll and King Rudolf V from the novel ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’. When it comes to love, Rudolf Rassendyll shows the genuine love and affection towards Princess Flavia. He is caring and is full of love for her. Princess Flavia herself feels it and mentions it when the two of them were alone. King Rudolf V on the other hand loves Princess Flavia out of duty. She is to be the Queen of Ruritania and they are destined to be together, with or without love. It is their responsibility to be wedded as they have to win the peoples’ trust and live up to their expectations. King Rudolf has always been cold and quiet whenever the two of them are together.

In terms of ‘love towards the country’, Rudolf Rassendyll, not being a Ruritanian himself, has shown great effort and courage in ensuring that the throne is returned to the rightful king. He fights bravely to save the King’s life in order to restore peace and harmony to the country. King Rudolf, on the other hand, does not show enough positive qualities to prove his love to his own homeland. He is often drunk and thus, ignores his duty and sets a negative image to the people.

Question 3)Write about an incident that changes the life of a character. Give evidence to support your answer.

Answer)The incident that changes the life of Rudolf Rassendyll is when he is asked to impersonate the King of Ruritania whom he resembles. The King is drugged and cannot attend the coronation. This particular incident changes Rudolf Rassendyll from a good-for-nothing into a man who is responsible, loyal, brave and sincere. He carries the role as the King with dignity, never once fooling anyone. Although he is in a position of power where he can own everything, he remains loyal to the King. He helps to search for the King who is kidnapped and shows extraordinary courage in the face of adversity.

Question 4)Write about the setting of the novel ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’. Give information from the novel to support your answer.?

Answer)The story of ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ is set in the nineteenth century. The story begins in the home of Lord Burlesdon, Rudolf Rassendyll’s elder brother. Then the place setting changes to follow Rudolf Rassendyll, the main character, as he travels to Ruritania for a holiday. Most of the actions in the story take place in Ruritania, an imaginary country in Europe. Important places and locations in the story include the hunting lodge in Zenda, where the King is held captive. Strelsau is the place where Rudolf Rassendyll is crowned the ‘King’ and first meets Princess Flavia and Duke Michael

Question 5)Write about an important place of location in the story ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’. Support your answer with information from the novel.?

Answer)An important location in the story of ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ is the Castle of Zenda. The Castle of Zenda is situated on a hilltop, surrounded by forest. It consists of the Old Castle and the New Castle. The Old Castle is ancient but well-preserved. It is surrounded by a moat, with a drawbridge across it. On the other side of the drawbridge is the New Castle, which serves as a country house for Duke Michael. The New Castle is the place where Duke Michael is killed by Rupert of Hentzau following their quarrel over Antoinette de Mauban. The Old Castle is the place where Duke Michael holds King Rudolf V captive.

Question 6)Does the title ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ is relevant to the novel?

Answer) The title ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ is relevant to the novel. The story is about the king of Ruritania who is imprisoned by his evil brother, Duke Michael in Zenda castle. Rudolf Rassendyll who bears a striking resemblance to King Rudolf V impersonated the king. While Rudolf Rassendyll is playing the part of the King, King Rudolf V is becoming very ill in prison. Rudolf Rassendyl risks his life to rescue the king who gets back his throne.