Poem 11 Lines From An Essay On Man

Poem 11 Lines From An Essay On Man


1.Ignorance of future is a blessing according to Alexander Pope. Do you agree?

Ans)Pope says that God has not revealed to His creatures to the events of the future. Moreover, He has granted the eternal hope as a great blessing. It is hope for the future happiness and prosperity that’s motivates a person to keep struggling and striving. Similarly, ignorance of future events, whether happy or unhappy, keeps human mind at peace and free from tension and anxiety. If God disclosed to human beings the time to come, their life would turn into an unending torture and tension. Therefore, He concealed from all of their future and fate so that they should go on leading their lives peacefully and hopefully.

2.Why is the lamb “pleased to the last”?

Ans)The lamb is pleased to the last because it does not know that it is going to be slaughtered by its master very soon. In fact, it is so innocent that it licks the hand of its master in which he is holding a knife to slaughter it. Due to an unawareness of the future, it remains satisfied and pleased to the last breath of its life and eats good food.

3.What does the poet mean when he says, “Who sees with equal eye, as God of all”?

Ans)The poet actually means that in the eyes of God every creature is equal and His laws are equally binding for all creatures. A very popular person has to die and similarly, a sparrow also has to face its death which shows that God’s laws are unchangeable and all His creatures are bound to follow them.

4.What does the poet mean when he says, “Wait the great teacher death; and God adore”?

Ans)The poet means that if a person aims to rise and get a high rank in society, he should not forget his death. Remembrance of death always keeps him humble and the fear of death makes him turn to God. In this way, he loves Him from the bottom of his heart.

5.What does the poet mean when he says, “The soul uneasy and confined from home”?

Ans)The poet means that the soul comes from the Heaven and it is confined in the prison of human body. It desires freedom to go back to its real home. It finds its freedom after death when it releases out of the human body and freely goes back to its real home.