Explain the various kinds of animal found in the world?

Explain the various kinds of animal found in the world?
Explain the various kinds of animal found in the world?

Animal keeping is also considered one of the primary activities of man. The animals found in the various parts of the world can be classified into two types:

1. Wild Animals
2. Domesticated or Tame animals


1. ANIMAL LIFE IN THE FOREST: In the tropical forests conditions are unsuited to animals. The climate is damp an unhealthy and the vegetation are too dense to allow free movement either birds, monkeys and apes live on the trees or big animal like elephant take shelter in these forests.

2. ANIMALS LIFE IN THE GRASS AND SCRUB LANDS: These regions are the abodes of hoofed animals (or ungulates) like antelopes, deer, horses, camels and in places sheep and goats.

3. ANIMAL LIFE IN THE DESERT: Deserts have very few animals. The hot deserts have only some insects and gnawing animals that live on dry scattered vegetation.

4. ANIMAL LIFE IN THE MOUNTAINS: Very few animals live on high mountains. They have hard elastic hoofs that enable them to jump about on hard rock. They are usually very agile; sheep and goats being the most agile.

5. ANIMAL LIFE IN TUNDRA’S: In the true Tundra regions, where there is only a short warm and ice-free period, many animals settle down during summer, while they move southwards into the coniferous forests during winters. Arctic Fox, the Arctic wolf and the Arctic Beer are the animals of Tundra’s region

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The important domestic animals are cattle, sheep, horse, camel, goat and elephants. Since animal require a large in which to roam and feed the livestock of the world is found in those countries.

1. CATTLE AND FOOD SUPPLY: No other animal has a greater place of importance than cattle in the progress of nations, because highest physical and mental development needs diet based on dairy. Cattle are divided into two groups: Dairy Cattle and Beef Cattle.

2. MINING: Nature has gifted man enormous treasures in shape of various minerals under or above the earth. Man has been using these minerals from the times immemorial. The invention of machine became possible with the help of minerals, especially iron and coal.
Mineral wealth plays an important role in this machine age. Machines are made by them, run by them and fed by them.