46 Important Questions XII English Guess Paper B

46 Important Question XII English Guess Paper B

46 Important Questions XII English Guess Paper B

1- Why is Black Michael not regarded as a suitable person to be the king of Rurutania?

2- What force does Einstein blame for the persistent of war?

3- “Heavier does not always make the right men king”. Whose comment is this and what does it means?

4- I went into town and said to police man. “Will you tell me the way to Dolran may”, the smiled and said?

5- Why does the author make the poet a humorous character?

6- What is the upright man’s view about worldly life? What are the characteristics of an upright man?

7- What were the reasons given by Liaquat Ali Khan for the Muslim’s desire not to continue living in united India?

8- What lesson do we learn from the lesson The Devoted Friend?

9- Why do the Europeans learn the centuries after the tau of the roman empires as “The Buck Ages”?

10- Fate and fortune are important in human life. Comment on this statement with fever to the essay on man?

11 Mrs. Oakentubb got the punishment she deserved. Discuss?

12- What examples does Shelley give in the poem to prove that beauty is eternal?

13- Which of the two female characters. in The Prisoner Of Zenda, do you like most and why?

14- What justice done to jones in the “Silver Box”?

15- The old ulysses symbolizes the “human spirit at its strongest”. Comment briefly?

16- What lesson do no learn from “Say not the Struggle”?

17- xplain the importance of the label on Mrs. Oakentubb’s suitcase. Why did she hide it? OR Assess Dr. Mallory’s behaviour in the story “The Day The Dam Broke”?

18- What in the author’s opinion should Asian countries accept from the west and what should they reject? OR Write the theme of the poem” Music When Soft Voices Die”?

19- Why is it insular for European historians to term the centuries after the tall of the Roman Empire “The Dark Ages”? OR On what grounds does the author argue that communism is the most modern and virulent form of wester-imperia I isrn?

20- How West dominated East and who were the Pioneers? OR What is the differences beteween Elegy and Sonnet?

21- Why did Dr. Mallory think that the flood waters were about to engulf him? Why did the citizens of Columbus did not care to talk about these events? OR What is “Jacob’s Ladder”? and what is its importance in the novel “The Prisoner Of Zenda”?

22- What main differences does Liaquat Au khan point out between Muslim and Hindu beliefs? Briefly state the main reasons given by Liaquat Au Khan for the Muslims desire not to continue living in a United India? OR On what grounds does Liaquat Au Khan assert that the first duty of the Pakistans as a free people is to themselves?

23- What were the characteristics of the Judge in “The SlIver Box” OR Which characteristics of Princess Flavia evokes respect for her in the heart of the readers?

24- What were the characteristics of Mrs. Livens according to her husband in the first case of Act Ill of Silver Box? OR Rudlof Rassendyll’s visit to the Inn near Zenda before coronation was an important episode. Do you agree?

25- What according to Einstein is the main objective of existence of human beings in the world? OR How did Shakespeare describe h1 “SoldieE’Tn the poem “Seven Ages Of Man”?

26- What was the supreme manifestation of Miller’s selfishness which caused Han’s to lose his life? OR Princess Flavia took the right decision at the end of the novel. Do you agree? Give reasons to support your point?

27- How did the miller persuade Hans to carry the large sack of flour to the market? OR What human nature has been characterized by the author in the lesson “ The Day the Dam Broke”?

28- What is the world to Shakespeare? OR Why does Einstein give importance of solitude in one’s life rather than being social?

29- Compare and contrast the character of Rudolf Rassendyll and Rudolf Elphberg? Which incident in this novel appears most interesting to you and why? OR What is the opinion of Einstein regarding democracy 
and war?

30- How the first meeting beteen the two cousins (Rudolfs) came off? Describe the tea table incident?

31- What to you know of the invitation of Lady “A” and Rudolf is meeting with her?

32- Which events led to fight between Black Micheal and Rupert of Hentzau?

33- Give the real names of the following: Madam A, Black Micheal, Miller, Mrs. Oakentubb, Poet Of Nature?

34- Describe in detail how Flavia learnt the truth about the king. How did she take it? OR What should the modern world do to make the world a happy place according to Liaquat Ali Khan?

35- What are the seven ages mentioned by Shakespeare? OR “Liberty does not descend upon a people. A people must raise themselves to achieve it” Explain the sentence and write down three sentences about the speaker?

36- Is the gentleman justified in killing Mrs. Oakentubb? State with reasons. OR “No nightingale did ever 
chaunt”. State whom has Wordsworth admired here and why?

37- Which ideals does Einstein like and what he opposes hatefully?

38- Why does Russell consider it useless to resist mechanization or industrialization? OR The old English societywas full of injustice and corruption. Discuss in the light of “Act Illof Silver Box”?

39- Why did lady Mauban help Rassendyll at the Summer House? 

40- What is the distinct quality of head and heart of the man of life upright:?

41- What is the analogy of sun and waves with struggle?

42- What is the source of encouragement for us, besides beauty?

43- What is the moral of the poem “Samson Agonistes”?

44 “If hopes were dupes, fear may be liars’ Explain it.?

45- How the hero of the play “Samson” is made captive?

46- What is the opinion of the poet that the secret of future is blessing or curse to human beings?