Important XII English Guess Paper C

Important XII English Guess Paper C
 Important XII English Guess Paper C
Importants XII

  1. What is the philosophy of life as described by William Shakespeare in The Seven Ages of Man?
  2. Why does the school boy go to school at a snail’s pace?
  3. Why does the lover sigh like a furnace?
  4. Give the description of fourth/fifth/sixth stage of life according to Shakespeare.
  5. What types of feats of strength were performed by Samson?
  6. How did Samson bring down the roof of the great temple and kill his enemies?
  7. How did Samson take his revenge from his enemies-Philistines and why?
  8. What is the central idea or theme of Alexander Pope’s An Essay on Man?
  9. Why does Alexander Pope call “Death” the great teacher?
  10. What does Wordsworth guess about the theme of the girl’s song?
  11. Why is Wordsworth unable to understand the theme of the girl’s song?

  1. Why does the man want to kill Mrs. Oakentubb?
  2. Why, in your opinion, does the author make the porter a humorous character?
  3. Give the character sketch of the porter in Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb.
  4. On what grounds does Bertrand Russell agree that communism is the most modern and virulent form of Western Imperialism?
  5. Why does Bertrand Russell consider it useless to resist industrialization?
  6. Does Bertrand Russell welcome cultural uniformity or not? How does he justify his attitude?
  7. What in Bertrand Russell’s opinion has been the most serious flaw in the character of the west over the last few centuries?
  8. How does the panic appear to have started in The Day the Dam Broke?
  9. How long did the panic last and how was order restored?
  10. How did James Thurber’s mother cope with the situation?
  11. On what grounds does Liaquat Ali khan assert that the first duty of the Pakistanis as a free people is to themselves?
  12. What is meant by synthesis? What is the synthesis according to Liaquat Ali Khan that Pakistan should achieve quickly?
  13. Liaquat Ali Khan contrasts two emotions that the Asian people tend to feel when they view the Western world. What are these two emotions?
  14. What facts does Marlowe’s evidence establish?
  15. What are the “insecure foundations” referred to at the end of the last sentence of the fourth paragraph in The World as I See it?
  16. How does the Miller justify his not asking Hans to share some of his good things during the winter?
  17. How did the Miller persuade Hans to carry the large sack of flour to the market?
  18. Why are our first impression of an astronomer’s picture of the universe likely to make us feel that humanity is insignificant?

  1. Describe Duke Michael’s plot to deprive King Elphberg of his throne.
  2. Briefly give the description of the procession and coronation of Rudolf Rassendyll as the king of Ruritania.
  3. What do you mean by Cloak and Dagger story?
  4. How and where does the first meeting between Rassendyll and king Elphberg take place?
  5. What is meant by a Morganatic Marriage? Explain with reference to the novel The Prisoner of Zenda.
  6. When, where and why does the Iron Tea Table Incidence take place? Give the importance of this incident.
  7. Why does Mauban write a letter to Rassendyll, impersonating the real king and what is the importance of this letter in the novel?
  8. What is meant by the ball? Who proposes to arrange it and why?
  9. “The devil has his share in most things.” Who is the speaker of these words? What does he mean to say and to whom does this dialogue refer?
  10. What are the probable reasons for Duke Michael not to kill king Elphberg?
  11. What are the probable reasons for the Duke Michael not to kill king Elphberg?
  12. What do you know about the last fighting between Rassendyll and Detchard?
  13. Why Black Michael could not succeed in his conspiracy to become the king of Ruritania?


  1. Science-Blessing or Curse
  2. An Interesting Cricket Match
  3. Role of Media
  4. Uses and Effects of Wi-Fi