XI English Guess Paper For Karachi board

XI English Commerce Guess Paper 07 December 2019
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Yeh guess paper muzammil collegiate k owner tariq ney banaye hai hum log apney bacho k liye do guess paper banatey hai aik december ka mahiney mein jo five year sey banatey hai aur aik march k mahiney mein bohat sarey guess paper ki madad sey hum umeed kartey app ka paper acha ho
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XI English Commerce Guess Paper 07 December 2019

yeh english guess paper sirf 11 class commerce group k liye hai 

Section ‘’B’’
1. why was the U.N.O formed and what are its aim and functions?
2. What were the intelligent answers given by the poor shepherd to king john in the poem the abbot of canterbury?
3. Why was the name of abou ben adhem written at the top of the list?
4. What is the substance of the poem the toys?
5. What is the message of the poem ‘’I Had Reached’’ your doorsteps?
6.what document in the end of sene II does the count of monte cristo prepared and why? 
7. What is meant by values as mentioned in science and society ?
8. What is the different between objective thinking and prejudiced thinking ?
9. What does the writer mean by phrase scientific work and unscientific work in the lesson science and scientist?
10. Why did kashmir not join pakistan?
11. Why did albert change his mind to fight a duel with the count of monte cristo?
12.why does the writer apply the words ‘’terrible’’ to the first year of pakistan’s history as independent state ? 
13. What was the heroic action of the commander of troops on the birkenhead?
14. The abbrivation F A O stand for what?
15. What is the message of the poem ‘’ the under the green wood tree’’?
16. What is the message of the poem ‘’The characters of a happy life’’?
17. What happened to lucy gray on her way to the town?
18. What did you abou ben adhem request the angle to do?
19. What message is given in poem incident of french champ?
20. Highlight two characteristics of the count of morcerf?

Section ‘’C’’
Essay :

  1. Honesty is the best policy 
  2. patriotism 
  3. Social media merits and demerit 
  4. Importance of commerce education 
  5. PSL
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