XI Principle of commerce Guess Paper 2019 To 2020

XI Principle of commerce Guess Paper 2019 To 2020
XI Guess paper Principle of commerce P.O.C
XI Principle of commerce www.biek.pk

Short Question:
1. State the service of wholesalers to retailers.
2. Enlist the auxiliary to trade, describe three of them.
3. Different b/w advertising and publicity
4. Define marketing .list its function and describe grading and standardization.
5. Define business, industry and profession and term.
6. Define mudarba and musharka .
7. List the clauses of memorandum of association and describe name clause.
8. Define insurance .list its various kind,define marine insurance.
9. Various kinds of business letters.explain inquiry letter, complaint letter.
10. What is meant by short term finance . enlist any eight of its sources.
11. State channel of distribution.
12. Write the advantages of joint-stock company.
13. Write about public warehouse and private warehouse and enlist the advantages of warehousing explain anyone.
14. Define transportation and describe land, transportation.

Long :
1. Define joint-stock company.describe the procedure of incorporation of a joint-stock company , describe its characteristics.
2. Define marketing and describe its function .

3. Describe the quality of a good business letter.

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