English Essay Value of Discipline

Value of Discipline

 Value of Discipline

Discipline is the very foundation of society. It is one of the essentials of life. It is of great importance in all spheres of life. A child obeys his parents. Without it, life at home will become miserable. A student has to observe it; otherwise, no work will be possible. The players must work under discipline or they will lose the match.

Discipline is very necessary in the army. A soldier must obey his officer in every situation and face death, if need be, in the discharge of his duties. Even birds and beasts observe discipline. Animals move in a herd. They obey the leader. Birds fly in an orderly manner. Bees move in a swarm and follow the queen bee. The sun, the moon and the stars move in their paths and do not move an inch away.

Discipline can be best learnt when we are young. It is at school that we first learn to remain under discipline. We follow the rules without the least grumbling. We learn to obey. We develop in ourselves regard for the convenience of others.

Discipline is as necessary for studies as it is for games. There are the rules of the game and there is the referee. The players have to observe the rules of the game and obey the referee's whistle; otherwise, it is not possible to play the game.

Above all, discipline should be self-imposed. It should come from within. We should be regular in our habits of food and sleep. This self-discipline is necessary for health and longevity.

Discipline being so important let us all be disciplined. It is then alone that our country can progress. If we are in disciplined, nothing worth the name will be possible. In schools and colleges, at home and in the street we must keep ourselves in discipline. It should be our motto in life.