cashbook test

Shamim Collegiate
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Accounting for cash book
3. m/s Suleman Traders  had a cash at bank and cash in hand 16000 and 40000 respectively on January 2015. she completed the following transactions during month of January 2015
Cash sale  and deposit into bank 8000
Received cheque from shamim collegiate  6000 in full settlement6300
Issued cheque to mr tariq 15000 in full settlement of his account  15900
Paid cash for rent 9000
Owner withdrew cash from bank for office use 6000
Received cash for commission income 8,000
Deposit shamim collegiate ‘s cheque into bank account
Issued cheque for salaries  expense 18000
Purchase furniture for 26000 paid cash 6000 and balance by cheque
Purchase merchandise on account  2000
Advertising expense paid by bank 8000
Require : record the above transactions in three column cash book

m/s English Course cash in hand  70,000 and cash at bank 15,000 O.D. the complete the following  transaction the month of june 2015
June 1 deposit cash into bank 20,000
04 customer direct deposit into bank 9000
06 issued cheque to miss Sana 14000 in full setllment of her account 14500
08 received cheque from bushra 13000 in full settlement of her account 13700
16 deposited bushra’s cheque into bank
17 paid cash for rent expense 4000
19 received cheque from customer  15000 in full settlement of his account 15200
20 owner withdrew cash for his private use 8300
24 withdrew cash from bank for business use 4000
29.Deposited cash into bank account 18000
30 Paid rent  by cheque 3000