discusses the usage of Wool & World Distribution of Woolen Cloth.

Question Briefly discusses the usage of Wool in the World?
usage of Wool & World Distribution of Woolen Cloth.
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Man has been using wool for his clothing before the birth of Christ. It is mainly used in temperate or cold lands; its use in winter is also common in Tropical areas.

It prevents the escape of heat from the body, allows perspiration to pass through and does not get wet easily from rain. It is thought that woolen textile industry is older than cotton textile industry.

Wool when it is taken from the sheep is not pure. Impurities amount of to 75% of the total weight.

Question 2 Discuss the world distribution of World Woolen Cloth.


It is an oldest industry of Britain, and Britain had monopoly in woolen textile industry before the World War II. Britain has to import large amount of from Australia, New Zealand to feed its woolen mills.

2. U.S.A:

Although woolen textile industry reached here late, but today about every states has woolen mills


Japan ranks first among woolen fabrics producing country of Asia. Japan has to import fine wool from Australia and Newzealand.

It is also well known producer of woolen cloth among European countries.

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