Explain the various type of farming in the world?

Explain the various type of farming in the world
Question : 1 Explain the various type of farming in the world?

Following are various types of farming which are used for better growth, some of these are as follows:
various type of farming in the world
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This type of farming is adopted in about 15% of the world. It is the most primitive type of farming. Under this method the land is cultivated from one to three times and then abandoned because of loose of fertility and over plough and then new piece of land is used for cultivation and then abandoned again after few years and so the cultivation goes from one plot to another.

It is also known as “Domestic Farming” because most of the products are locally consumed and only a small surplus is exported to other. Under this system the production of crops is just for meeting one’s own need is the main criteria.


The rudimentary type of farming is associated with settled cultivation. Under this system the same piece of land is cultivated by the people constantly for many years.


This type of farming is adopted by the farmers living in regions having moderate rainfall. And practice in the regions, where the annual rainfall in above 20. It is commonly under practice in Europe, Americans, Asians and other countries which enjoy constant amount of rainfall annually.

This type of farming is an inverse method of humid cultivation because it is adopted by the region which having seasonal rainfall and thus farming takes place there through canals and river irrigation. Such type of farming is under practice in Russia, India, U.S.A, Pakistan, Egypt are the main other countries.

Dry farming is adopted in the areas where neither the sufficient amount of rainfall nor irrigation facilities is available. In these regions cultivation of crop is made possible by utilizing every drop of rain water very cautiously. This type of farming was started in United States of America and now is being adopted by South Africa, Australia and various Asian countries.

In this type of farming the farmer combine farming, his chief occupation with other occupation such as live stock, fruit growing, cattle rearing etc. therefore it is called Mixed Farming and it may carry on either a large or a small scale. It is very important for densely populated areas. Not only two economic activities mixed under this type but farmers also mix or grow two types of crops at the same time like Wheat and Maize etc. This type of farming is highly adopted in Prairie region of U.S.A central east America, South Brazil etc.

It is also known as “Market gardening”. Under this method of farming vegetables grow at a large scale for trade. Because vegetables are a perishable item so they are cultivated near by the urban areas or in the out skirt of big cities and towns which offer a ready market and they could immediately be supplied in the market. Atlantic coast in U.S.A is the best example of truck farming.

The farming may take place through two methods:

1. Traditional Method
2. Modern

Modern method of farming is termed as “Mechanized Farming”. Its practice is possible in the temperate grass lands where flat plains are available. In this method not only farming tools are modern but the cultivation is also scientific. This type of farming is used not only the fulfillment of domestic demands but the products are supplied to other countries as well. The mechanized farming is getting popular in Canada, Argentina, U.S.A and Russia.

Plantation is large tracks of agricultural lands owned by individuals or by corporation and operated by centralized management. In this type of farming only one cash crop is grown on commercial basis and other food and clothing requirements are fulfilled by imports. Therefore, this type of farming is taken at large scale only and is concentrated in South Africa.

It is the modern type of large scale specialized agriculture. It is the most important system and has been adopted in about 25% countries of the world. Under this method of cultivation and mechanized process it becomes possible to produce crops in large quantity.