Write down the uses of Mineral oil in the World

Discuss the economic importance of the mineral oil.

Mineral oil is light and best liquid oil for producing energy. Mineral oil is the most important source of lubricants and fuel. In addition to the petrol, other ingredients are also achieved from mineral oil which is used in the industries. Industrial development of the advanced countries of the world depends on the importance of mineral oil without which the developed nations cannot be survived. Mineral oil generates three times greater energy than the coal. Mineral oil could not be only stored easily but be also transferred from one to another

Write down the uses of Mineral oil in the World?

The mineral oil when extracted from the Earth, it has a shape of some black liquid, known as Crude Oil. Then it is bought into the refineries, where after passing so many processes it adopts the following shapes such as :
1. Gasoline 2. Petrol 3. Diesel 4. Kerosene 5. Furness oil 6. Road oil’ 7. Wax of candles

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