Qualities Of Good Businessman

Qualities Of Good Businessman
RISK ASSUMING: The business is full of risks of various types and they always stay a long, as the business exists. Risk is the chance of loss, fire death of a key employee, competition, inventions, various government policies etc. The businessman has to meet all these challenges so he has ability of risk assuming.

GOAL – ORIENTED: Before starting a business he should set goals or objectives of his firm and continue establishing new and revising appraising the old ones so businessmen should be goal oriented.

WELL – INFORMED: It is the century of information technology. The businessman should be well informed of the business conditions, competition, changing environment, national and international affairs, competent to foresee new expected risks and challenges.

UNBELIEVER OF MYSTICAL FORCES: The businessman should have scientific approach to his business and not depend on leave things to chances, fate, luck etc. He should be able to determine his own course, plan it, organize things and control the results.

RATIONAL, NOT EMOTIONAL: Emotional persons cannot succeed in his life. The businessman should not only be courageous, ambitious, dynamic but also rational, wise and base his decisions on reasoning.

PERFORMANCE ORIENTED: The businessman is the manager of his business and hence he must plan, organize and control his business effectively. He has to set objectives, make policies, set procedures, establish rules, and prepare programs and make budgets. 

DYNAMIC AND STEADFAST: The businessman can only be successful when he is dynamic and steadfast. Being energetic and forceful, devoted, he will help the business come over all difficulties, hurdles and bottlenecks on the way to success.