Problems Of Business or Essential Of Business

write problems of business write essential of business or explain factors must consider before starting business
Q) Write problems of business? 
Q) write essential of business? or
Q) explain factors must consider before starting business?

INFRASTRUCTURE: Infrastructure provides a sound basis for all types of businesses. It includes basic facilities, like roads, power plaits, and transportation and communication systems. Whether it is a manufacturing concern or services organization, small or large business, all need infrastructure.

FUTURE OF BUSINESS: This factor should be considered separately and specially. The factor of technology is especial consideration because it is fast changing and renders almost daily existing products outdated and obsolete. Today’s products get outdated tomorrow.

NATURE OF BUSINESS: In starting a new business the businessman has to decide on the type and nature of business. The fields open to him are industrial, commercial, or service areas. He may choose manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, brokerage, import or export.

LOCATION: Success of business depends on right location. Right product, at the right time, at the right price, at the right place is the ingredients of success. Industrial and commercial concerns have to ponder over different criteria for location.

Government policies either encourage or discourage the starting of a new business. The new business is boosted if the government offers incentives, as tax exemptions, loan facilities, minimum government interference, and facility of importing raw materials

RISK: Risk is essential factor of every business. Before starting a new business the investor must calculate how much risk lays a head and how much he can assume.

LABOR PROBLEMS: The business requires labor. The larger the business the greater the number of laborers required. The business enterprise has to know what type of labor, in what number, and at what wages has to be recruited.

: New & old business can only survive on latest, relevant, & right information The businessman needs to know of the competition, sources of supply, location & income of customers, inventions, change in technology, Government policies And lot of information. 

TYPES OF GOODS SERVICES: It has to be decided what type of goods and services are to be offered to consumers, and whether they are to be manufactured or bought. Products are offered to the public on the basis of price, color, size, design, model, packing, and warranty. A particular channel of distribution has to be selected to bring the goods to the market. 

MARKETING: Marketing facilities the goods and services to move from producers to consumers. It includes Buying, selling, transporting, and warehousing. Marketing is not possible without grading or standardization. Advertising, personal selling and sales promotion are used to attract customers.

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