Service To Consumers

Service To Consumers

1- The retailers hold stocks of goods for immediate sale, to the consumers. The consumers thus are not required to keep stock of goods with themselves at homes. 
2- The retailers provide consumers with a wide variety of choice goods displayed at their shop. 
3- Retailers make available to their costumer goods of the sized styles types, qualities and prices they prefer. 
4- Retailers supply fresh goods to the customers. 
5- Retailer’s behavior with the customers is very polite and accommodating. 
6- Many retailers offer free home delivery of goods purchased by their customers. 
7- Retailer also supplies information and give correct advice about the product to their customers. 
8- Retailers also give credit facilities to their trusted consumers. 
9- Retailers are often ready to take back goods with attracts customers. 
10- The retailers try to locate shops in a place which attracts customers. 
11- The retailers employ properly trainee salesman. A satisfied customer is the retailer’s best advertiser.