Services / Advantages To Retailers

Services / Advantages To Retailers
SERVICES TO RETAILERS: The wholesalers render the following service, to the retailers.

1- Relief from keeping huge stocks: The retailers can buy good in small quantities from the wholesalers. They are thus saved of keeping large stocks with themselves.

2- Financial help: The wholesaler provides financial assistance to the retailers by selling goods in the market.

3- Not affected by price fluctuations: The retailers buy goods in small quantity from the wholesalers. They are therefore, not affected by price fluctuations of goods in the market.

4- Provision of information: The wholesalers provide full information to retailers regarding the type, quality and price of goods.

5- Information about new products: The wholesalers provide full information to the retailers about the new products salesman or price lists etc.

6- Transportation Facilities: The wholesalers help retailers to take advantage of transporting goods from the wholesalers go down to retailers shop.

7- Trade discount: The wholesalers provide the benefit of specialization to retailers.