11th Class English Chapter 03 The United Nations

11th Class English Chapter 03 The United Nations


Q:1: When was the United Nations Organization founded and what inspired its foundation?
Ans)The United Nations Organization was founded in the spring 1945, just after the Second World War. Millions of people had been killed and wounded. These included women and children. Millions of pounds worth of property had been destroyed. Millions suffered from poverty, hunger and diseases. The conscience of men was roused. Man wanted peace. Therefore, the nations of the world came together in April 1945 and organized the UNO. 

Q:2. How successful has the United Nations organization been so far in preventing local wars?
Ans)Preventing a war is difficult. It is a part of high politics. Feelings run high. Attempts to bring peace are open to misunderstanding. The path of the peacemaker is indeed hard. The UN has succeeded, in a few cases, in bringing peace where there was no peace before. However, in a great many cases, the results have not been satisfactory. 

Q:3: What is the function of the International Bank?
Ans)The International Bank lends money to member nations for carrying through some work of public importance and usefulness such as electric power plants, roads, railways, canals and flood control. An example of the wonderful effect of one of these loans is found in a small village on the west coast of Mexico. 

Q:4: What do the initials W.H.O stand for, and what is the function of this organization?
Ans)The initials W.H.O stand for the World Health Organization. It was started in 1946, but the permanent organization came into being on 7th April1948, to work on international health. 7th April is now celebrated all over the world as World Health Day. W.H.O advises member countries on public health and on the control of disease and makes war on many widespread diseases. 

Q:5: What do the initials F.A.O stand for ,and what is the function of this organization?
Ans)The initials F.A.O stand for Food and Agriculture Organization, started in 1943. Hunger is the special problem of this organization. It sends experts to help countries that want advice on how to grow more food and other crops; how to control plant and animal diseases; how to increase the yield of farm, fisheries and forests. It also publishes useful literature on agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Q:6.: What is the function of UNESCO?
Ans)The UN has a special organization to advance knowledge, science and culture, by which people can get the required understanding and the habits of mind that will be useful to them in the modern world. UNESCO cannot itself find money to teach hundreds of millions to read. What it can do is to supply certain kind of training and aids. 

Q:7: How large a staff is employed by the secretariat and where does it work?
Ans)There is a staff of about three thousand five hundred, working directly under the Secretary General in New York. There are also other branches of the Secretariat with hundreds of employees at various other centres. UN employees came to the Secretariat from nearly every country on earth. However, they do not represent their own countries. Their outlook has to be international. 

Q:8: What is the designation of the Chief Officer of the United Nations, for how long is he appointed and by whom is he appointed?
Ans)The Chief Officer of the UN is the Secretary General, who has important political responsibilities. The Secretary General is appointed by the General Assembly with the approval of the Secretary Council. He serves for a term of five years until the election of his successor. Every year the Secretary General makes a report to the General Assembly on the work of the organization.