Character Albert

Character Albert




The first character introduced in the play is Albert. He is the son of Count and Countess of Morcerf, a young man of twenty, energetic, loving, good-looking and very fond of hunting. As the curtains rises, he has just returned from hunting expedition and is much worried about the disgrace of his family and wants to avenge it.

Sensible, Weak And Intellegent:

Albert behaves as a sensible, wise and intelligent young man in the play. He succeeds, with the co-operation of his friend, Beauchamp, in finding out the name of the person who got published anonymous letters in the newspapers and later sent witness in the chamber of deputies against his father.

Emotional and Sentimental

He cannot tolerate the humiliation of his father and after knowing about the enemy, he at once challenges him, his close friend the count of MonteCristo, to fight a duel. This shows his extreme emotional and sentimental nature and his great love for his family. After being convinced that the Count of Monte Cristo was justified in seeking revenge upon his father, his last minute decision not the fight the duel against Monte Cristo reflects that he has fair sense of justice and wisdom. The contrast of emotion and the realistic nature in Albert makes him a very important character in the play.

I mean to go to the Count of Monte Cristo without delay. I mean to throw my gloves in his face. I mean to give him choice of weapons.

Brave and courageous:

Although he knows that his opponent, the count of MonteCristo, is a perfect shot and an expert swords man, he issues a challenge to fight a duel for the sake of his family honor. In the concluding moments of the play, he frankly tells his father that he has suffered, as he deserves it for his past wrong deeds. These things show that Albert is a brave, courageous, bold, broadminded and realistic young man.

As A Son:

Albert’s behavior is quite respectful and submissive to his mother but not so admirable to his father. His dropping of the idea of fighting against his father’s enemy is simply because he cannot justify it, shows that he is more of a philosopher than a good son.


Overall, he impresses the audience by his courage, intelligence, sense of duty and his realistic attitude towards his family, and his philosophy of life. Though he is emotional and sentimental, he has fair sense of justice and wisdom.