English Essay A Natural Disaster

A Natural Disaster

A Natural Disaster

A natural disaster is a natural phenomenon, which causes such widespread human material, or environmental losses that the stricken community cannot recover without external assistance. Examples include earthquakes, cyclones, storms, floods, drought, bush/ forest fire, avalanches etc.

Pakistan is facing natural disasters since its inception. The different kinds of disasters like; floods, earthquakes and droughts. The flood in 1972 was a most destructive and catastrophic that made homeless more than five million people. Then in 2010, the severity of this natural calamity was more than in the past .One fourth part of Pakistan was effected by this flood and more than ten million people remained homeless. The south part of the country, which is agriculture based and has poor people,

faced its worst history.

In 2005, earthquake in northern areas hit the vast population, almost a million people died and five million lost their homes, properties and business. These disasters effect every tier of life as economic, social, financial and agricultural. Pakistan's economy that was already in worst conditions has become poorer than the past. The growth of Pakistan's economy in 2006-2007 was almost 6% annually, but now it is only on 3%. The flood of 2010 has severally smashed the agriculture sector, which is backbone of Pakistan. More than 60% population of the country depends upon agriculture sector. The exports like textile goods, wheat etc of the country is also directly attached with this sector.

As Muslims we believe that Allah is Wise and everything that Allah does is right, just, and fair. We must submit and surrender to His Will. The Qur'an has not given us all the details about Allah's Will, but it has enlightened us with the guidance that is useful and sufficient for us. The problem of the existence of evil in this world is a complex one and there is no one simple answer for it.

Therefore, the need of the hour is that government should take steps to control these calamities. It should build dams and embankments to save populated areas and early warning system and shifting of people to a save place. These would be helpful. We are also supposed to ask for forgiveness to Allah SWT.