English Essay Corruption in Pakistan

English Essay Corruption in Pakistan

 Corruption in Pakistan

Corruption is a scourge (cures) that has badly affected the quality of governance, state of the economy and social justice available to the people. Corruption is defined as the misuse of entrusted power for private gains. In a recent survey conducted by the Transparency International, Pakistan’s ranking on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) has gone from being the 42nd most corrupt country in 2011 to 33rd in 2012.

The root causes of the rampant corruption in the country are lack of effective accountability, poor performance on the part of respective institutions, unchecked and unlimited power of feudal for stakes. The presence of corruption and corrupt practices play a key role to engender the deteriorate law and order, shackle the economy which leads to the inflation, unemployment and poverty in the country. Its presence distracts a man from ethics, humanely attitude, tradition and civic laws.

The following are some examples of the damage that is caused by corruption: Defective, dangerous and inadequate infrastructure – poor and incomplete roads, badly constructed college buildings, fewer class rooms in schools that are liable to collapse with the first monsoon rains, railway tracks, hospital facilities, water projects, bridges or housing units. Abysmal education standards result when illiterate persons are recruited as school teachers for political reasons.

Many schools all over the country remain without teachers or fewer teachers to effectively educate students. More so, it is futile to talk about technical and engineering schools and the standards they have established. After three years of studies, neither the teacher nor his student knows the use of a drill machine.

Corrupt practices contribute to the inadequate number of beds in hospitals, no medicines for patients, as these are paid for but not procured or disposed of after their delivery at the hospital store. And, of course, there is no fuel in vehicles meant for transporting patients to hospitals. Most experts think that corruption is one of the most difficult problems in Pakistan’s society today. Its impact on the country’s towns and villages is extremely profound and poses a long-term threat to its culture, economics, and general well being of the people and the provinces where they reside.

The pervasive corruption in the country can be checked by applying certain measures. The government should ascertain the rule of law; it means equal application of law, equal protection by the law and equality before law, effective and impartial accountability, active role of media to eradicate the corruption are the few factors which can play an active to diminish the corruption.