English Essay Education For Women

English Essay Education For Women

Education For Women

Female education is very important for the progress of any nation. Education in the modern age has become very vital both for men and women. The progress of a country depends on literacy. If literacy rate is low in a country, it remains backward and under development. In case of Pakistan, the literacy rate is alarmingly low. People living in villages do not educate their girls. The feudal lords have a prejudice against educating their daughters. There are numberless village in Pakistan where the arrangements for the primary education of girls simply do not exist.

No one can deny the benefits of education. It develops the inherent and latent faculties of man. Without it, a man remains in the darkness of ignorance and cannot make much progress. But it is strange that the people who are advocate of male education, want to deny this privilege to the womenfolk. This one sided and partial attitude is quite unjustified. If we examine the arguments of the critics of female education, we find that they are based on superstitions and prejudices. They argue that women are inferior to men in intelligence and so they are not fit for education. Moreover, they fear that if women are education, they will j refuse to do domestic work. Both of their fears have been proved by the women of every country. Moreover, educated women do domestic work more skillfully than the uneducated ones.

First, there are many benefits of educating women in all the developed countries of the world. Women play an active and important part in the life of their nation. In the last world war, they did wonderful work. This had been possible on account of their education. How can any nation progress when half of its populations women are ignorant and uneducated? An educated woman proves a better wife and better mother. She can look after the household affairs in a better way. In critical and hard times, she can come out of her home and can be of use to her family and nation.

Secondly, an educated woman is a blessing for her home and society. She is fully aware to her duties as a citizen of the state. She understands her responsibility towards herself, her family and her country.

Thirdly, an educated woman proves children. She can inculcate good ideas in their mind. She can make her children good citizen of the state. Uneducated mother have a simple and credulous mind. They do not have elementary medical knowledge so greatly essential for the health of their children. The mortality rate among the uneducated mothers is very alarming. Educated mothers will give the nation healthy, enlightened and decently brought up children.

Fourthly, an educated woman can prove a sincere and loyal wife to her husband. She can easily make understanding with her husband which is very essential to the married life. She is refined cultured. In the time of trial, she can become an earning hand to her husband. We can say that female education is necessary for the economic development of our country.