Letter About The Bad Quality and Inadequate of Water Supply

Write a letter to an editor of a newspaper expressing concern over the bad quality and inadequate of water supply.

Examination Hall,
A-B-C Road,
16th May 2013
The Editor, 
X-Y-Z News, 

Subject: Bad quality and inadequate quantity of water supply.

Venerable Sir,

Through the courtesy of your columns I wish to voice my concern and draw the attention of the concerned authorities to a matter that is causing us great inconvenience. I have personally observed that your newspaper always stresses on the problems of common people.

I live in Karachi where the most pressing problem is bad quality and inadequate quantity of water supply. The disordered development of small houses is not only spoiling the outlook of the city, but also creating problems of illegal electric connections, water supply and pollution. It results in an inadequate water supply. The supplied water has bad smell and is contaminated which has become a great danger to the public health.

Hence, we earnestly request the concerned authorities to take immediate action in this matter and to investigate the causes after making through examination of water supply pipes.

Hope for a positive anticipation by the concerned authorities in the crying need of my city.

Yours sincerely, 
Resident of Karachi.

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