Determine The Regional Location Of An Industry

Write in detail, the factors that determine the regional location of an Industry.2011 (P)
Question: Write in detail, the factors that determine the regional location of an Industry.2011 (P)
Determine The Regional Location Of An Industry


There are some important GEOGRAPHICAL AND ECONOMIC FACTORS which exercise a great influence on the Localization of any industry. The factors are called the localization factors and are as follows:


1. RAW MATERIALS No Industry can be established without availability of raw materials. They should be easily accessible otherwise the expenses incurred on their acquisition become immense.

2. POWER RESOURCES An industry cannot run without the supply of energy and power. Modern complex industries consume large amount of power. Fuel must be easily available at the selected site.

The ultimate purpose of all production is consumption. The consuming market should not be remote from the industries, otherwise the delivery of the manufactured items will add immensely to the cost.

4. LABOUR of its three types: 1)Skilled 2)Unskilled and 3)Management and labor staff.

: Climate determines the working power and efficiency of laborers and also the economy of the products. Different kinds of industries require different kinds of climate.

6. EASY AVAILABILITY OF CAPITAL It is an accepted fact that modern industrialization is impossible without the large supply of capital. Easy and large supply of capital is an important factor for the localization of any industry. I.D.B.P, N.D.F.C, PIDC, PICIC AND ICP are the institutions for providing capital.

7. GOVERNMENT ENCOURAGEMENT and incentive from the side of the government is an important localization factor for any industry.

8. MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION In these days of specialized and diverse trading operations, availability of means of transport (may it be by air, sea or land) is indispensable. These means should be easily and quickly available and should also be cheap to minimize cost of production.
9. POLITICAL CONDITIONS Areas at a safe distance from politically explosive regions and enemy territories are preferred for industrial location.

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