Purchase And Modes Of Purchase

Purchase And Modes Of Purchase
Purchase is the process through which a person gets some goods or properties transferred in his name from another on payment of money; it also includes availing of service by one from another for money.

There are different modes that may be adopted while purchasing goods. Goods may be purchased either by inspecting them personally, or on the basis of description or brand name of product.

PURCHASE BY INSPECTION: Suppose a person want to buy a shirt or a pen or some vegetables. He will possibly go to the nearest shop and check himself the goods before buying them. This is the most common method of buying known as purchasing by inspection where buyer goes to the seller and inspects any particular goods planned to be purchased. It is used in case of retail buying.

PURCHASE BY SAMPLE: When a person want to buy in bulk, it is not possible to inspect the whole lot to be purchased. Therefore the buyer looks at the sample of pattern and then decides which one to buy. A sample is a spaceman of goods, particularly of raw materials, food stuff etc. It is a representative of the bulk. Its quality largely reflects the quantity of wholesale lot similarly, pattern is a specimen of standard manufactured goods, such as cloth, coir mattresses etc. It reveals the shade, texture and sometimes bears a code number. It is agreed upon by both parties that the bulk supply shall be of the same quantity as the sample/pattern shown.

In certain cases, it is not possible for a seller to even show a sample to prospective buyers. For example, the manufacture of furniture can not move around showing samples to the intending buyer, so he carries a catalog and price list that contain the description of goods offered for sale. Sometimes goods are standard products having specific quality and price etc, they are often given a number or a name. Sometimes the name becomes quite popular as brands like surf, pepsodent etc. Here the buyer just needs to mention the brand name or the product described while giving the order.