Valuable Procedure Of Selling:

Valuable Procedure Of Selling:
Topic : Selling 
VALUABLE PROCEDURE OF SELLING: Different sellers may follow the different procedures in the execution of the order. However, a typical procedure is as follows: 
1. Receiving and inviting inquiries: The sales department receives inquiries from prospective buyers or customers. The inquiries may be solicited, unsolicited, i.e. in response to sales letters or advertisements. The inquiry is made about price, brands, quality, variety, size, delivery, discount, and credit, and the like. 

2. Sending Quotations: After receiving inquiry the seller sends the reply answering all queries and inquiries. Prices are quoted stating various types of discounts and allowances to be allowed to the enquirer, quotations are infected terms of sale. 

3.Haggling: It refers to bargaining between the buyer and the seller making offers and counteroffers on the prices of the product in question and other related matters. 

4. Receiving orders: If the terms of sales are accepted the prospective buyer places the order with the seller. The seller receives the order containing the name of the product, brand quantity, description, price, delivery date, etc. 

5. Acknowledgment of receiving the order: When the seller receives the order he informs the buyer acknowledging IT receipt and assures that the order will be executed to his entire satisfaction and mutually agreed on conditions.

6. Reviewing the order: The seller carefully evaluates the order for any inaccuracy, anomaly, and confusion and seeks their correction. 

7. Arranging for supplies: If the ordered goods are not available ex stock the seller will either start manufacturing or made arrangements to buy from the market for reselling.

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1. Bought and sold notes: If the inquiry, quotation, and order are not received by post i.e. not in the form of correspondence and rather the buyer and the seller strike the transaction orally, both are parties either make note of the details in a memo or keep it in mind. Most of the local transactions are struck orally. In each case the only written document that is prepared is the invoice. Written inquiry, quotation, and order only take place through correspondence only. However, whether the transaction is in writing or oral invoice (a written document) must be issued). BOUGHT NOTE: it is a note issued by the buyer mentioning terms of purchase made orally. SOLD NOTE: it is sent by the seller showing terms of sales settled orally.

2. Approval of credit: When the sale is on credit, the order is sent to the credit department for the approval of credit. The credit is granted only under certain conditions to favorite customers.

3. Preparation of invoice: When the ordered goods have been arranged for, the invoice department prepares the invoice in the name of the buyer stating the product, brand, quality, variety, model, or grade, and mode of packing and the marketing. 

4. Packaging and dispatching: Packaging involves all the activities necessary for producing and shaping the containers or wrappers for the product to be sold. Packaging makes it easy to handle, move, load, unload, and protect the product. Having completed all the above steps the shipment is handed over to the Transportation Company or railways for the dispatch to the buyer. Time to everything concerning production and distribution