Kinds Of Advertising

Kinds Of Advertising
KINDS OF ADVERTISING Advertising is not only undertaken for the present consumers but it is also meant for future consumers, users, or customers. For example ads on safety razors, cigarettes are carried out not only for the present generation but also for youths who are future consumers.

Institutional Advertising: Its objective is to improve or enhance the image of the company. Once the image of the company is established it’s all products on the line become popular and to sell. 

Comparative Advertising: This type is carried out to establish the benefits of the advertised product in comparison with that of the competitor. Comparisons are made in respect of price, quality, service, durability, etc.

Advertorial Advertising: Its purpose is to preach the company’s social services and its stance on social and cultural issues. This type of advertising may be carried out in editorials, articles, news items, etc. In a way, it is a piece of publicity of the company.

Product Advertising: It is the most popular type of advertising. It is undertaken to popularize a brand of the product of the advertiser company. It discovers the benefits in terms of price, quality or some other aspects. 

Pioneer Advertising: Its objective is to develop primary demand for the product in general instead of a particular brand. It is adopted in case of a new invention. For instance, the government may ask the public to use gas rather than petrol in their cars. Such effort through the mass media will produce pioneer advertising. Ads on computers, Internet, email, fall under this category because these information techniques are in the early stages of development in Pakistan.