Purpose Of Advertising

1. Advertising helps the company introduce new products. 
2. Companies provide necessary information about the product. 
3. Advertising helps salesmen sell their goods and services. 
4. Shopkeepers are encouraged to deal in the advertised products. 
5. It helps make a decision to buy. 
6. Future generations get aware of the products. 
7. It reminds people to purchase. 
8. Demand is created resulting in the increase of production. 
9. Increase in production decreases the unitary cost of production. 
10. The consumer is invited to change over to the product advertised. 11. It reminds the consumer not to forget particular brands. 
12. The trader is motivated and encouraged to deal in advertised brands. 
13. Advertising offers immediate results in the form of increased sales. 
14. It is also meant to establish brand and company goodwill.

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